• Unlock HTC One Lte

    Want to unlock this phone, have unlock code from T-Mobile, verified IMEI number, but can't get the phone to display the "enter unlock code" screen.  I installed the foreign chip (Telcel, from Mexico), booted up t...
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  • HTC ONE 4.3 Update Error

    Downloaded 4.3 OTA today.   Downloads fine but during install, about a quarter of the way through, the symbol changes to a red triangle with a exclamation point in the middle.   If hold down the power bu...
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  • M7 fails RUU  Update 5.16.2014 USB Error 171

    Phone works but I want the update. Originally an AT&T phone.  Been on TMobile for 8 months now with this phone. OTA updates not available, So downloaded RUU  from link in blue below.  Followed ALL...
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  • Phone stuck on HTC screen after installing recent android update

    After being prompted to, I installed an Android update 9/22/14.  After the install was complete my phone was stuck in a loop where it continuously restarted.  I was told by customer service to perform a fact...
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  • BYOD AT&T HTC One won't MMS

    Hi-  I brought my own unlocked AT&T HTC One to T-Mobile by buying a SIM and starting service via the T-Mobile website.  After installing the SIM, I set up the APN for the HTC One, as noted here:   ...
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  • Network busy has been popping up every time I try to make phone calls.

    I literally just got this phone. What do I do?
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  • BYOD unlocked AT&T mobile data not working even after APNs set

    I just bought an unlocked refurbished HTC One (M7) from AT&T. I installed my T-Mobile SIM card and configured the APNs in order to get the Mobile Data connected. It shows as connected, but I can't get any connecti...
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  • Will an unlocked AT&T HTC One work (on T-Mos AWS spectrum)

    I'd really love to have the black HTC One but T-Mobile isn't carrying it. I know an unlocked HTC One from AT&T would work but I'm wondering it would work on T-Mobile's AWS spectrum. I live in a smaller town and wi...
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  • AT&T branded HTC One (unlocked) network compatibility on T-Mobile??

    I am considering purchasing an AT&T branded unlocked HTC One as I can get it for a good price.  But before I do so I want to be sure it will work well. Does anyone know if it will be fully compatible on T-Mo...
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  • DONT BYOD if you have a ATT HTC ONE MMS Nor HOTSPOT Works!!!!

    I feel faked out now that I have moved over to tmobile from att. I brand new unlocked htc one nothing works dont bring ur phone over to these guys they lie. i just paid $80 for (removed by T-Force, profanity) NOTHING ...
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  • Still having mms issues with HTC One----only receive about half the amount

    Hello all. So I stopped using the stock app because it was brutal for the amount of mms messages I wasn't getting from a group chat (containing a mix of iphones and androids). And the constant "DOWNLOAD MESSAGE" that ...
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  • AT&T htc one (m7) unlocked with kit kat update picture messaging issues please help!!!

    I've tried almost every setting and still can't send pictures please help
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  • Unlocked AT&T HTC ONE (M7)

    I have an AT&T branded (unlocked) HTC One (M7) running Android version 4.1.2 and HTC Sense version 5.0 on the T-Mobile network. When I go into software updates, it says there are no updates available. Can I not ev...
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  • Please help - mobile data connected but internet/apps not working?

    I just bought a used HTC One (M7) that is unlocked & clean, originally from AT & T. I installed my T-Mobile SIM card and configured the APNs in order to get the Mobile Data connected. It shows as connected, bu...
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  • 4.4.3 update killed my phone

    Spoke with T-Mobile this morning.  My wife and I both have the M7. I updated my phone OTA last night, and downloaded but didn't install the update on my wife's.  My phone appeared to work fine last night, s...
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  • Your sim card does not allow a connection to this network

    Hi,   So today I started having a problem with my HTC one m7 phone, basically I can't connect to a cell phone network. I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I can't send texts, make calls, or even use...
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  • Update approved - will roll out this week

    Mo Versi of HTC says that 4.4.3 (plus other updates) is approved by T-Mobile. https://twitter.com/moversi/status/508117910104309760   Supposedly, includes security updates from 4.4.4, other bug fixes, and Wifi ...
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  • HTC ONE M8 - Mobile Data does not work !:(

    Hi, So I got my HTC ONE M8 yesterday morning and turned it on etc... I am able to connect to WiFi and everything works fine, this morning was the first time I went out since getting it and for some reason my mobile da...
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  • MMS picts won't send

    In the last few weeks. WiFi in particular won't send, even my home network. KitKat
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  • HTC One Returned and Disappeared

    On 5/30 I mailed my defected HTC One to T-Mobile Return Center under a store assistant's instruction. Tracking indicates the phone was delivered on 06/03, and since then I haven't heard of any info about it. When I ta...
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