• HTC One microphone problem

    I have the same problem with my HTC One M7 too. I bought it couple months ago and everything was great until two months ago, one of my friend told me that she couldn't hear what I was saying. It was a complete silence...
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  • Phone just stopped working.  What next?

    Was using the web browser when the screen went black but the Home and Back keys were lit.  Pressed the power button, the Home and Back keys blinked, then phone shut down.  Cannot get it to start again. ...
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  • Can't download Isis mobile wallet due to compatible issue

    Hello,   I bought my unlocked HTC one M7 directly from HTC.com and use T-mobile service. I tried to download Isis mobile wallet but got this error message: the device is not compatible with this APP.   Acc...
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  • Solution to Picture/Group MMS on WiFi

    This was specifically for the Galaxy Note 3, but I am posting it here for the possibility it may be helpful for other Android Phones besides this one. While viewing the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and other pages I saw many pe...
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  • T-Mobile LTE now working fantastic in NYC

    I found T-mobile LTE this after noon in Flushing, Queens, NYC. I am in the MTA 7 train. It's seems Queens has the LTE now. LTE stop at Queensboro Plaza station.
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  • BYOD AT&T HTC One won't MMS

    Hi-  I brought my own unlocked AT&T HTC One to T-Mobile by buying a SIM and starting service via the T-Mobile website.  After installing the SIM, I set up the APN for the HTC One, as noted here:   ...
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  • Text messages indicate pending, yet appear to send

    This started a few days ago. Sometimes I'll send a text and it will have the little "pending" symbol next to it. That never goes away. But then I'll get a reply to the text. So it is obviously being sent. However, now...
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  • HTC One Microphone Problem

    I recently purchased a Refurb phone with my new plan.  I've tried the phone with case, without the case, I've updated the software.  Yet nothing is seeming to fix the fact that I can't use the phone to actua...
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  • I have yet to see 4g on my HTC one lte.

    I have had my HTC one 32g since last year and I have yet to see 4g. I have been into the settings, checked the forums, and I was beginning to wonder if my phone was even capable of 4g, even though when I purchased it,...
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  • My HTC One M8 sends some calls directly to voicemail

    My HTC One M8 has been sending some calls directly to voicemail.  This is very frustrating as I have already missed a few important calls.
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  • What do you think of the new HTC v5 update?

    I just installed the new v5 firmware update for my HTC one, and so far I absolutely love it. I am still finding new little tricks and back doors, any opinions or suggestions?
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  • Will it work?

    Hi everyone I'm from Denmark but are moving to New York city soon. Then I'll be buying a prepaid sim-card from T-Mobile. I've checked with my provider that my HTC One is unlocked.   Then everything I need to ...
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  • HTC One - Cannot connect to DATA

    I recently purchased a new unlocked HTC One on Amazon.  Phone is awesome and works well.  I have a new micro-SIM installed.  I am able to get Wi-Fi connection.  I am not able to get my data to work...
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  • HTC One M7 Camera

    Hey guys, I've had my HTC One since September of last year. I've gotta say, I absolutely love it. Everything about the phone is amazing. The new camera on the phone was definitely a key component that made me want to...
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  • Google Play Store app

    Hello,   I just activated my new HTC One M7.   I'm probably missing the incredibly obvious, but I can't find the Google Play Store app.   I did a 'reset to factor specs' yesterday.   I see goog...
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  • My HTC One LTE will not turn on, nor will it charge

    This has happened twice with my phone, unable to charge from any charger, factory provided or otherwise. I have read many locations that this is an issue with the light sensor, and I have tried holding the power, volu...
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  • HTC One Digitizer Issue

    I have to say I love my HTC One but it has recently started to initiate erratic screen movements all on its own.  After having my phone post to FB, delete my SMS/emails and make random calls without me touching t...
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  • HTC One M8 not getting 4g lte, only hspap

    Since I've bought my phone the best network connection I've gotten is HSPAP, but it fluctuates between that and UMTS.   The 4G logo stays at the top of the phone, even though I'm not getting 4G. According to the...
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  • HTC ONE Not Recognizing Headphone

    I have had the HTC  One for only a week.I finally decided to use my headphones  and phone is not recognizing the the headphones. It does not show the icon that the headphones are plugged in the. I have tried...
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  • T-mobile costumer service is the worst  HTC one m8 volme button loose

    First read this post do i open days ago, they close it so is impossible to have a forum with continues threats. anyway.this is the post: htc one m8 volume button loose Well i went today to T-mobile Cedar hills Beave...
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