• TomTom Navigation App For Android

    Has anybody tried this on the Motorola Defy yet?   http://www.tomtom.com/en_us/products/iphone-mobile-navigation/tomtom-navigation-app-for-android/index.jsp
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  • Motorola Defy issues???

    Is anyone besides me having issues with your Motorola Defy, Screen locking up, apps dissappearing? Automatically rebooting?
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      I just upgraded to SGS3. Why is TMObile charging for tethering on SGS3 when it was free on SGS?? That kind of ****** me off...Anyone else notice this??
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  • Why does it say code corrupt?

    My Defy recently turned itself off and upon turning back on a black screen came up saying bootloader 09.10 code corrupt. What should I do about it?
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  • Wifi Calling -- how has it been for you?  Ways to improve?

    One of the main reasons I bought this phone was for its wifi calling.  My wife's uma version on her Blackberry is flawless.  But I get poor reception as if the voices were "lagging" with my Defy.  Anyon...
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  • Dissatisedfied Customer

    Hello, I am writing today because I Have been a customer of T mobile now for many years and have been having a lot of trouble for some time now and have been getting the run around over and over. I have a Motorola def...
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  • call block

    Can I block an specific phone number from calling or texting my Motorola defy/blur android?
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    can you place a block on a specific telephone number from sending text messages.
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  • magnifying window

    There is a magnifying window overlay which zooms in and out on the screen, but it wont go away, there is no way to close it. How can I close it?
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  • I have no internet when not using wifi?

    I had to factory reset my phone. Shortly after I did it, I could no longer connect to the internet other than on wifi?
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  • Internet problems

    I have a motorola defy with motoblur.. I am unable to access the internet. I have already shut down phone and removed battery.. and 3g still doesn't show and no internet access..Plzs help
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  • Accessories & Service

    I would love to know the actual number to the T Mobile Customer Relations corporate office. I really do not think me typing out my frustration will make everything come back to normal. I've been with T-Mobile for over...
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  • HELP!   My Account (and other Application / Applications Manager questions - Motorola Defy

    Motorola Defy  Applications / My Account question(s)  -  why is it so incredibly hard to just have the most basic questions answered in a "Help" section or in "Support" I sign into?   It's lik...
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  • I can't update to SD card

    Whenever I try to update an app, it downloads just fine then when it attempts to install the app, I get an error message that states it can not save to the SD card.   What can I do to fix this issue.  I rea...
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  • Where are visual voicemail messages stored?

    I had saved an important personal message in visual voicemail.   Yesterday when I went to visual voicemail (vvm), I got this message: "This phone was associated with a different account. Do you want to delete t...
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    Hi,   I have Motorola Defy which uses Android 2.2 , I also have just bought a NOVO 7 AURORA tablet.  My problem is getting an internet connection for use in my car.    I really dont want wires.....
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  • Missed calls everyday

    Having major problems with missed calls. Phone goes straight to VM. I have to power cycle it to start getting calls. Went to t-mobile store to complain again. They stated that it is a know 'issue' and had T-mobile sen...
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  • motorola defy

    I am replacing a broken motorola Defy with a new phone (same model) and can not get past the master reset. any ideas
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  • Possible solution to rebooting (redux)

    Defy owner resolved rebooting issue on his phone, perhaps it will help others:   http://androidforums.com/motorola-defy/529159-fixed-defy-reboots-resets-restarts-every-2-minutes.html
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