• Music

    I bought a few songs from google play and i do not know how to make them my ringtones
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  • Why is Camera not working on Galaxy S4?

    Been having problems with my wife's Galaxy S4 since we updated to the new Android 4.3...The camera won't work and it only shows a black screen. Tried every type of solution that there is but still no clue why it's not...
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  • How do I set a different ringtone for "unknown" "withheld" or "private" IDs

    OK this is what, 2014... and my 1990s flip phone let me select different rings for different callers: from my contacts, not on my contacts, and private numbers.  I dont see that option on my galaxy s settings any...
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  • Help.. :'(

    I Only Recieve Pictures On My Galaxy S. How Can I Send Them
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  • Camera pictures blurry

    More times than not, when clicking camera app, rear camera view is blurry (Same goes for video). Every once in a while, view is not blurry. Front camera view is never blurry. Seems after I updated it is when all this ...
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  • Mobile HotSpot "First-Time Use" dialog

    often when turning on the Mobile HotSpot widget, certainly after restart, i get a "First-Time Use" dialog asking me if I'd like more information. Even when I check "Do Not Show Again," it returns, whether I hit cancel...
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  • Rooting the Galaxy S 4G was the best thing I could do

    Rooting the phone was completely successful (Froyo version 2.2.1) I got rid of all of that "bloatware" and installed some apps that allowed the phone to do things that it wouldn't do pre-root. As the bloatware doesn't...
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  • internet

    My phone will not let me clear my pages and I am at my maximum amount so I can no longer search anything.  I have tried clicking the box that tells me the number of pages to clear but nothing happens. How can I d...
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  • why cant i find the tmobile network

    I have just purchased a galaxy s 4g to replace my HTC  which worked fine until it died. I am not able to get any connection to the T-Mobile mobile network at my home although my husband's Exhibit has four bars an...
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  • Battery Probs

    I was sent a refurbished Galaxy S 4G. When I received my device it came with a bad battery. Every time I plug the phone in to charge the device turns off. When I unplug it the device turns on again. I know it is the b...
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  • Lost phone

    Hello I lost my phone over coming over seas and wanted to know if there was something i could do to get it back  
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  • USB Audio/Video Output

    My phone is brand new...I have had it for 5 days. It will not output audio nor video when plugged into a docking station. All it does via USB is charge. I purchased a home and a car docking station and neither one wor...
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  • APN

        Hi I need a bit of help, by mistake in the update of my phone when they offer me virgin network and I am working with T mobile, SO now my APN is with virgin, so I have no internet, Can somebody expl...
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  • How long does it take for Tmobile to resend out an intercepted package?

    I ordered new serviced and it was during the storm. Tmobile submitted for a package intercept so the package went back to tmobile. My credit card has been fully charged for my phones and I received an email with the a...
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  • Samsung S4 Mini i9195

    I would like to know whether this phone will achieve LTE speeds on the USA T Mobile network.  I own an S4 and love the speed but the phone is too big.  I am thinking of changing to this lovely small version....
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  • Factory Restart but No Available Internal Storage

    I received a Samsung Galaxy S 4G used and restored it to factory settings. However, it is telling me I have only 394MB internal storage available, and won't even let me take a photo without inserting a external SD car...
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  • Galaxy S4 Call problems

    Unfortunately I own the grossly overrated Samsung Galaxy S4 and among its many annoyances are:   Wifi cannot be used.  When the phone is set to make wifi calls it always drops them whether I'm at my desk, t...
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  • Please help..someone is using my phone number to make calls and send texts

    I have had the same number for the last 10 years and this has never happened. Three days ago I switched from my contract plan to a simple plan and got a new phone which was activated in the store. The next day I start...
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    Hello,          I have just read one blog of Jan 2, 2014 6:54 PM by priscilla.bass which sounds as though that I'm not the only one trying to get my caller ID corrected for the...
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  • Lost my phone need help pls

    I Lost My phone coming over seas had to turn it off. Is there anyway that i can track it to get it back
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