El teléfono no puede ingresar a mi cuenta de Google: Android

    Your phone may have problems signing in to a Google account, which can cause issues in Gmail, Calendar, Play Store, and other services.




    Para iniciar sesión, sigue estos pasos:


    1. If your account does not have a data feature, add one on my.t-mobile.com.
    2. Abre un par de páginas web en el navegador (por ejemplo www.gmail.com) to check the data connection. If data is not working, see: Sin Internet / datos o prueba con Wi-Fi.
    3. From a computer or the phone, go to www.gmail.com, and sign in to the web site. If you:
      • Cannot sign in from the web site:
        1. Consulta cómo Recover username or password.
        2. If you get an invalid username error but the username is correct, go to: http://www.google.com/accounts/unlockcaptcha
        3. If you are unwilling to wait to hear back from Google regarding the username or password, then perform a master reset and set up a new Google account.
      • Can sign in from the web site, sign in on the phone.
      • See an error 'Account Locked' or 'Account Lockdown', see Account has been locked.
    4. If you changed the Google password, access the Play Store to sign in. If it does not prompt for a password, then clear cache for the Gmail app. See your device how tos > Apps > Clear & uninstall app.
    5. Check if 2-step verification is enabled, and if it is, create an app-specific password.
    6. If you cannot sign in, perform a master reset. See your device how tos > Settings > Master reset.
    7. If you still cannot sign in, either create a new Google account or comunícate con Google


    T-Mobile does not have access to Google accounts and cannot restore access to your Google account. Por favor comunícate con Google.