• T-Mobile Reps (still) Lie About Credit Checks Hard/Soft Inquiries

    Yesterday I ventured into a store to discuss new service.  I also asked a very important question, one about which I was extremely specific: Would T-Mobile perform a hard pull on my credit report?  &nb...
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  • How to backup and restore apps on Samsung note 3

    I am assuming that kitkat update will wipe my apps.   How do I backup my apps and associate app settings / data?    With an Iphone / Ipad all I need to do is restore from icloud, or via usb from itun...
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  • I Got KitKat 4.2.2

    Right now, I got kitkat 4.2.2 for my Galaxy Note 3. every things fine.
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  • What is the ETA for the KitKat 4.4.2 update to be released?

    Now that Samsung has released the 4.4.2 update for T-Mobile, when is it going to be released for customers. Also:   Will it mean a new locked bootloader? Will it mean that 3rd-party OEM accessories will not wor...
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  • Menu tree: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Refer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 menu tree to navigate device menus and settings.     Note: [xxxxx] = Menu headings. You cannot tap these items.   From any Home ScreenHome screen (Touch and hold on a...
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  • Set up the device: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Learn how to set up the time, date, and language on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Find out more on this page:   Developer options Language First time use Time & date     Developer optionsTurn of...
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  • Where is the remote controls menu on the Security screen?  And how do I turn on / off reactivation lock from my Samsung Account?

    Did tmobile remove this menu / feature? found here at this link?   Galaxy Note3 | User Guide | Find My Mobile | Samsung Content & Services   I would like to be able to "find my mobile"
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  • Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005) works with T-Mobile LTE network?

    Does anyone know or have tried or tested using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (SM-N9005) with T-Mobile LTE network? Can you get 4G LTE service with this specific model?
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  • is there a plan  with unlimited talk and text for $30 with a contract?

    right now i have a prepay plan but want this phone is there a way to keep my plan but turn it into a contract to pay off the phone?
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  • $30 Prepaid w/Galaxy Note 3

    Good Afternoon,   I currently have a $30 prepaid plan on an unlocked iPhone 4s that works well for me. I'd like to purchase an unlocked Galaxy Note 3 and simply insert my sim. Can I walk into a T-Mobile store an...
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  • If i pay full price for the note 3 and have it on prepaid, can I also have insurance on it?

    Hello, I have been reading the discussion posts on the Note 3 prepaid. Is anybody here using the Note 3 on the T-Mobile prepaid service? The reason I ask is because it doesn't show up in their list of compatible devic...
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  • How tos: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    How tos Learn how to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone with user manuals and how tos.   Get Started Getting started guide Menu tree Set up the device User manual . Hardware Battery & power Device i...
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  • My galaxy note 3 will not allow Wifi Calling

    I got a Note 3 about 3 weeks ago and my wifi works fine, I can do whatever I need to do on the internet at work, but it will not connect to wifi calling... Its extremely frustrating! My e911 address is set and I calle...
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  • Netflix error -3

    The app will not "active" when on T-Mobile LTE. But once done via WiFi, it takes a bit to load but seem to be working.
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  • Note 3 Backorder?

    I ordered the Note 3 on 10/22/2013 which should have been delivered on 10/23/2013. But i received a text from T-Mobile the next day saying my order has been back ordered. I wanna know when its likely to receive my phone
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  • Fraud and non-flexible T-mobile

    Hi, guys. I want to share my case and help me how can I do..   I bought the Galaxy note 3 from seller through Craigslist with cash. ( 3 items, total around $1800) and I used well still yesterday. BUT it does ...
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  • I just purchased mine!!!!

    I just wanted to say I really love my New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so far, my first Samsung was the Indulge & I really loved it also even after it fell off my motorcycle bags onto the Highway - I simply picked up the...
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  • Contacts will not sync

    The note 3 is my fourth android phone (all others were HTC). With every other phone I have had all of my contacts download automatically when I sync the phone with my google account.   For some reason when I set...
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  • Getting started guide: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Welcome to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. If this is your first time using the internet device, this guide helps you to learn basic features and services.   You can download the getting started guide at the bott...
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  • How can I get the $30/mo prepaid plan?

    First-time smartphone/T-mobile user here with a few questions. I'm looking to purchase a Galaxy Note 3 from the T-mobile website, and I was also interested in getting the $30/mo data plan with it. My questions are... ...
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