BackUpSmall2.jpgEl nuevo año es una página en blanco y, si estás planeando una gran historia de mejoramiento personal para 2019, estás en buena compañía. Muchos de nosotros haremos resoluciones para este año. We have three hundred and sixty days (plus) to conquer that daunting solo hike, develop a fool-proof savings plan, and overhaul our eating habits -- but why not start small and snag some success up front?


Back Up Your iOS or Android Phone


Get a handle on the promise of the new year ASAP by mastering a little tech maintenance. Watch below as T-Mobile's own Des walks through the painless process of backing up with iOS or Android.


This step by step tutorial might not save pennies for that 2019 nest egg -- but it might help you save your important data in case the new year's got a curve ball in store for your iPhone or Android device. You can also find the step by step back-up guides right here on! Read all about backing up with iOS este sitio and find the Android how-to este sitio.



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