Samsung_GalaxyFold_Silver_Back_Half-Open_CMYK.pngA principios de este año, Samsung presentó el futuro plegable para asombro de todos. Ahora, ¡ese asombroso y revolucionario Galaxy Fold llega al Un-carrier!


Tablet and Phone in One

Samsung combines the compact frame of a cell phone and screen size of tablet in one device that easily stores in your pocket. Unfolding the device reveals a 7.3" screen that makes streaming a dream come true! With 3 app multi-tasking you can listen to music, surf the web, and message your friends all at once, and all on the same screen!


Funciones importantes

  • 7.3'' QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED display
  • 4.6'' HD+ Super AMOLED cover display
  • Android Pie 9.0
  • 6 cameras:
    • Teleobjetivo de 12 MP, gran angular de 12 MP, ultra gran angular de 16 MP (traseras)
    • 10 MP Selfie, 8 MP RGB depth Camera(main display)
    • 10 MP Selfie camera(cover display)
  • 12 GB de RAM, 512 GB de ROM


Full of features

The Galaxy Fold packs more than just a large screen. Boasting 6 cameras, taking and sharing incredible photos is better than ever. Memory is no problem with 512 GB to maximize your storage space. It also houses a 4380 mAh battery giving you plenty of time to make use of all this device can do. With the Galaxy Fold's Qualcomm 7nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor under the hood, it can power any apps and other cool bells and whistles!


Ten el tuyo

You can get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold on April 26. This device comes in a Space Silver color and will be available in Tiendas minoristas T-Mobile, en línea, and through the Aplicación T-Mobile. You can also order over the phone if you contáctanos.


Still have questions? Check out our Hilo de discusión oficial del Samsung Galaxy Fold and post any questions or comments you have there. For even more details, check out our Centro de lanzamientos Samsung!