Nuevas opciones de Pases internacionales y sugerencias de destinos

Justo a tiempo para la ajetreada temporada de viajes de verano, ¡T-Mobile vuelve a incrementar sus beneficios para viajes líderes en la industria! T-Mobile's Magenta plans already include unlimited texting and data in más de 210 países y destinos around the world, and now Un-carrier customers have more options, thanks to new International Passes with high-speed data and unlimited calling in all of those countries and destinations.


The Passes

International pass options include:

  • The new 5GB International Pass includes 5GB of high-speed data to be used up to 10 days for just $35, or
  • The new 15GB International Pass includes 15GB of high-speed data to be used up to 30 days for just $50.
  • Or if you just need a day, you can still get the popular International Pass with up to 512 MB of high-speed data and unlimited calling for just $5 a day.


Los tres pases de datos incluyen datos a alta velocidad a velocidades LTE y llamadas ilimitadas. And, just like everything Un-carrier, there are no hidden fees or gotchas. No tienes que hacer nada antes de partir: ni suscribirte ni llamar por adelantado. Lo único que debes hacer al llegar es agregar los pases que necesites en la app o por Internet. All that goodness adds up to a lot of value.


When your travel takes you abroad, T-Mobile has you covered with the new Magenta plan. Headed to Mexico or Canada? Tienes llamadas, mensajes de texto y datos ilimitados para smartphones con hasta 5 GB de alta velocidad a velocidades de 4G LTE incluidos en tu plan sin costo adicional. ¿Sales del país con destino a alguno de los 210 países y destinos? Podrás disfrutar mensajes de texto y datos ilimitados a velocidades de hasta 2G, y llamadas a solo 25¢ el minuto, todo incluido en tu plan... O BIEN, con uno de los nuevos pases con datos a alta velocidad, obtén cobertura LTE y llamadas ilimitadas.


Not Sure Where to Go?

You're in luck! T-Mobile's Story team recently put together a super helpful list of awesome off-season travel destinations to help you roam if and when you want to. The savvy international traveler knows avoiding the tourist-trap months is the secret to a successful vacation...even summer offers some surprising off-season gems! Here's a little insider info to help you skip places at their peak (and maybe put one of those passes to good use).

  1. Seville, Spain

    For all the lovers: Turn up the heat by taking a trip to Seville in July and August. You'll be enjoying one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in Europe. Among the sights to see is Seville's majestic Alcázar palace, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture. Blistering hot? Yes. But a crowd-free photo-op you can't miss. Plus, you can reward yourself with a few frosty Cruzcampos and cold tapas - and then, to burn off the rest of the afternoon heat, a blissful siesta. Or whatever your heart desires…
  2. Bariloche, Argentina

    Have a hankering for a summer ski? Head down to this Argentinian city during the country's winter months, June through August, to hit some of the smoothest and most breathtaking slopes imaginable. If you lack a passion for pow-pow, Bariloche also has lots to offer besides the trails, from a wooded winter walk to a frozen lagoon to its famous chocolate shops. Après-ski Patagonia style with some of Argentina's world-renowned wines and grilled local meats to fuel up for another run, or simply relax the day away in one of the Bariloche's many luxury spas.
  3. Sydney, Australia

    Visiting Down Under during Australian summer (our winter) can be insanely expensive. So snap up some tickets to Sydney during Aussie spring, which is from late September to November. There's so much of the city's natural beauty to explore, especially its famously gorgeous beaches: Catch some rays at Bondi, or grab a board and join the surfers at Tamarama or Bronte. Too cold for a beach day? Try a stroll through the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens, or the city's excellent museums, which will be open in case you get some really nasty weather. (You might.) Also, make sure to book a Harbour cruise – a great way to see other major sights like Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
  4. Cairo.jpg

    Cairo, Egypt

    Summer is Egypt’s low season (for a reason: it’s hot!), but if you can put up with a little extra heat under your collar, you’ll be rewarded like a king. Known as “The Paris of the East” – the city is lined with late 1800s’ Belle Époque architecture a June or July jaunt will let you peak into a pyramid-rich past without needing a tomb full of gold to pay for it. Word to the wise: Air conditioning is still a burgeoning amenity at most indoor cultural sites, so head out to see the antiquities and artifacts early in the morning – or scrap those plans altogether and cool off with a cruise down the Nile.




For SIX MORE fantastic off-season travel destinations, read the full story on our sección de noticias de T-Mobile here:
Roam If & When You Want to: 10 Awesome Off-Season Travel Destinations.

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