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According to a recent Gallup survey, there’s been a steep decline over the past decade in the number of daily commuters driving themselves to work.

With more people turning to alternatives like ride shares and ever-increasing mass transit options, your smartphone has gone from merely dependable to totally indispensable. Here are a handful of ways your devices can help you make the most of your commute -- find the full list here!


GoingMobileImproveYourCommute.pngStay up-to-date on current events

News happens every day, at every moment - and your commute is the perfect time to catch up. Want to scroll your way down the rail line? Get news highlights on social media or furiously attack a feed. Rather rest your eyes? Pop on a newsy podcast or dial up your favorite radio station app.


Catch up with a friend

Haven't been great about keeping up with certain pals? Use your commute to place a catch-up call, chat with them through text or DM, or even send a quick email to just let them know they're on your mind - research shows it will make you both happier.


Create a to-do list

Organize your day (and night) as you commute. What are your priorities? What can wait? This will help you evaluate your daily goals, putting you in the right mindset to tackle your tasks with more efficiency. Use your smartphone's voice memo or notes apps, or one of the many specific to-do list apps available for download.


Take a breather

Simply take more time for yourself. Destress, let your mind wander and self-reflect. Aprovecha las ventajas Zen-inducing resources available on your smartphone … or take time to do nothing but gaze out the window. The world is a beautiful place, and you're right in the middle of it. If inspiration strikes you, maybe even snap a FOMO-inducing photo!


Find the rest of these awesome tips in our sección de noticias de T-Mobile, and check out more T-Mobile Stories aquí!

¿Quién quiere más productividad, más pantalla y más duración de la batería que antes? Buenas noticias: el Samsung Galaxy Note10 y el Galaxy Note10+ están disponibles para reservar esta noche en T-Mobile.


Note10Note10Plus.png¡Hola, fanáticos de los Galaxy!

El nuevo Samsung Galaxy Note10 y Galaxy Note10+ estarán disponibles para reservar a partir de esta noche.


El Note10 y el Note10+ ofrecen mejores especificaciones y capacidades que antes. Estos superteléfonos aprovechan todos los beneficios de LTE avanzado de T-Mobile, como 4X4 MIMO, carrier aggregation y 256 QAM (jerga técnica para decir "muy rápido").


Para acompañar toda esa velocidad, ambos aparatos también usan el espectro de 600 MHz para Alcance LTE extendido del Un-carrier, para ofrecer a los clientes una experiencia de red aún mejor. Alcance LTE extendido llega dos veces más lejos desde la torre y es cuatro veces mejor dentro de edificios que el espectro de banda media, de modo que puede ofrecer mejor cobertura en áreas rurales, lugares de difícil acceso y dentro de edificios muy grandes.


¡¿Cómo elegir?!

Si deseas una pantalla más grande, más cámaras y una batería más grande, echa un vistazo al Note10+. Obtendrás una pantalla Cinematic Infinity de 6.8", cuatro cámaras traseras y una batería de 4300 mAh.


Pero tanto el Note10 como el Note 10+ incluyen un S Pen mejorado que puedes usar para tomar fotos de manera remota, convertir escritura a texto fácilmente y dibujar hermosas ilustraciones. Y ambos cuentan con sensor de huella digital ultrasónico y Wireless PowerShare con capacidades de carga de 25 W más rápida.

Échale un vistazo: ¡mira este increíble Unboxing!



Obtén el tuyo

El Galaxy Note10 y el Note10+ están disponibles en los colores Aura Glow, Aura White y Aura Black con 256 GB de memoria, o puedes elegir el modelo Note10+ Aura Black con 512 GB. Puedes obtener el nuevo Samsung Galaxy Note10 y Galaxy Note10+ a partir del 23 de agosto, pero si estás ansioso por hacer tu pedido, puedes reservar tus aparatos a partir de ESTA NOCHE, 7 de agosto a las 6:01 p.m., hora del Este/9:01 p.m., hora del Pacífico. Puedes hacer tu reserva en Tiendas minoristas T-Mobile, en línea, a través de la Aplicación T-Mobile y por teléfono. Para eso, contáctanos.

Now here's a reason to do the Pam Shuffle: with hardcover copies of #SlowCookerSundayLeadership, Life and Slow Cooking with CEO and Chef, John Legere nearly sold out, T-Mobile is able to make a donation of $1 million to Feeding America to help the organization's fight to end hunger in this country, Legere announced on his #SlowCookerSunday show.



SlowCookerSunday.png"Feeding America is an incredible organization and I'm proud to champion their mission to ensure that all Americans have access to something everyone deserves—healthy, nutritious food," said Legere.


According to Feeding America's Chief Development Officer Andy Wilson, the gift will help the organization aid an astounding 10 million men, women and children facing hunger. Here, Wilson explains how this -- and any! -- donation helps Feeding America fight this truly good fight.



How exactly does a $1 million donation impact people in need through Feeding America?


Hunger is an issue that impacts every county in the country. Forty million people, including more than 12 million children, may not know where they will find their next meal. Because of Feeding America's strategic partnerships to rescue food, this gift of $1 million helps to provide 10 million meals* for children, families and seniors in need.


Unlike, say, buying groceries at a store at everyday sticker prices, Feeding America works directly with major manufacturers, retailers and other partners across the country to secure safe, healthy food that would otherwise go to waste-up to 72 billion pounds of food is wasted in America each year. Every dollar donated to Feeding America helps secure and distribute at least 12 pounds of food. With an average meal, excluding water, weighing in at about 1.2 pounds of food, according to the USDA, we're able to feed 10 people for every dollar. Kind of astonishing -- but true!


Needless to say, we are tremendously grateful for T-Mobile's commitment in helping to fight hunger and bringing national attention to this critical issue. We can't stress how thankful we are to have partners in John Legere and T-Mobile who engaged customers, employees and the public at large through campaigns, in-store activations and the cookbook itself.


A million dollars is a lot of money, clearly. How important is it for people to donate on a smaller level, and how can the average person pitch in and make a difference?


Everyone has a role to play in ending hunger, whether that's making a donation, volunteering time at a local food bank, or using your voice on social media to spread the word. The Feeding America nationwide network of 200 food banks and 60,000 meal programs includes soup kitchens, schools and food pantries. Food banks rely on donors and volunteers to carry out their day-to-day operations. It's easy to support right in your community to help your neighbors in need. Feeding America has tons of resources for helping you find your food bank and learning how you can take action.


Feeding America


Leer T-Mobile's full interview with Wilson and snag the recipe for his favorite selection from the #SlowCookerSunday Cookbook, Thai Chicken Soup!


Check out details from today's news in our sección de noticias de T-Mobile, and to learn more about T-Mobile’s corporate social responsibility programs and the many ways the Un-carrier gives back every day, visit T-Mobile.com.

Customers deserve incredible care, so we're thrilled to announce that T-Mobile is at the top yet again, receiving the highest score from J.D. Power for U.S. Full-Service Wireless Customer Care – a full 41 points higher than the industry average!


Four score!

JDP.pngJ.D. Power today announced that T-Mobile has received the highest score in the J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Study—Volume 2—for the fourth time in a row! And Metro by T-Mobile also ranked highly, placing second, in their respective Non-Contract Full-Service segment for Overall Customer Care. This is T-Mobile's second time delivering a record-breaking score (breaking its own record!) and marks the 18th time T-Mobile ranks highest among full-service providers. The Un-carrier has topped the rankings more than any other wireless provider in the history of the study. And that means Un-carrier customers WIN. Again…and again…and again. And again.


One year ago, T-Mobile completely reinvented customer care with the launch of Equipo de Expertos nationwide, and it's no surprise that the Un-carrier delivers an unprecedented level of customer delight that's absolutely unmatched among Full Service wireless providers. T-Mobile Team of Experts puts customers first with a dedicated team to answer their call or message with no bots, no bouncing and no BS.

And customers love Team of Experts. T-Mobile posted all-time record-low postpaid churn of 0.78% in Q2…that means more Un-carrier customers know a good thing when they've got it and are staying with magenta.


The J.D. Power results show a clear customer affinity for the T-Mobile care experience, whether it be on the phone, in-store, via online chat or easily navigating self-serve options. And while self-service options like the T-Mobile App and MyTMobile.com make life easier, T-Mobile Team of Experts got high marks for being knowledgeable, courteous, clear in their communication and quick to resolve customer issues.


For more information about T-Mobile and the  J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Study -- Volume 2, read the full release in our sección de noticias de T-Mobile, and please visit www.jdpower.com/business/ratings/industry/telecom.



Want to meet some of the rock stars who make our Team of Experts sing?

The Un-carrier now has you covered by land, by air and by sea! T-Mobile is the first major wireless provider to light up the Gulf of Mexico with LTE, connecting offshore workers, vessels and critical infrastructure in an area larger than the state of Florida.


Connectivity has long been limited or non-existent in this heavily traveled area of the Gulf, and this more than 60,000 square mile expansion of T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network lays the foundation for 5G in the Gulf of Mexico.


Staying Connected

GulfLTEFull.jpgPeople and businesses in the Gulf of Mexico need to stay connected, so T-Mobile's announced it's the first major wireless provider to launch LTE coverage in the Gulf of Mexico, changing the game for offshore businesses and consumers alike.


Working with RigNet, Inc., a global provider of secure, intelligent networking solutions, T-Mobile now covers more than 60,000 square miles of the Gulf – an area larger than the state of Florida (U.S. Census Bureau). This brings far-reaching LTE coverage to the offshore workers, oil and gas platforms, recreational and commercial vessels and critical infrastructure in the area.


This new LTE coverage, which leverages T-Mobile's 600 MHz and RigNet's 700 MHz spectrum, provides a significantly enhanced experience for customers using RigNet's current Gulf of Mexico digital microwave infrastructure. And this isn't just for smartphones -- it enables businesses to connect critical infrastructure with Internet of Things (IoT) technology and monitor remote equipment in real time for increased productivity and safety. All this new coverage means better connectivity for Un-carrier customers.


5G Ready or BUST!

T-Mobile used 5G-ready equipment to light up LTE in the Gulf, so offshore consumers and businesses will have access to the next generation of wireless technology in the future. 5G promises to bring faster wireless speeds to help move massive amounts of data, lower latency for ultra-responsive networks, decade-long battery life for IoT applications and the ability to support exponentially more connections per cell site.


The Un-carrier has more than tripled its LTE network since 2014 and today covers 99% of Americans - that's 326 million people! Beyond its new coverage in the Gulf of Mexico, T-Mobile has expanded its LTE network footprint by nearly 190,000 square miles since the beginning of 2018.


T-Mobile continues to aggressively deploy 600 MHz Extended Range LTE to give customers even more coverage and capacity. Extended Range LTE travels twice as far from the tower and is four times better in buildings than mid-band spectrum, so it can provide better coverage in hard to reach places: inside buildings, along interstate highways and in rural areas. The Un-carrier has deployed Extended Range LTE with 600 MHz across 1.2 million square miles of the U.S., meaning customers in nearly 6,600 ciudades in 46 states and Puerto Rico are already enjoying the coverage and capacity boost.


To find more information on T-Mobile's network, go to T-Mobile.com/cobertura.


¡Día de conocer a tus clientes!

Publicado por tmo_marissa 16 de jul. de 2019

We're always up for a little holiday celebration -- and it doesn't particularly matter how big or small that holiday might be. But this week offers a holiday that we definitely can't miss - Get to Know Your Customers Day!


We Are Customer Obsessed

Get to Know Your Customers Day rolls around on the third Thursday of every quarter, which means this Thursday, July 18th, is the perfect time for us to get to know YOU! Getting to know our customers is something we've felt pretty strongly about for some time, and that passion has led to some rad wireless industry changes over the past few years. Which changes, you ask?


This wireless revolution kicked off simply enough: imagining wireless without overages, without limits, and without contracts. From signature services like MúsicaNonStop to a new approach to international travel with Simple Global, we've been rolling out customer-inspired changes for years, all the way to the introduction of Equipo de Expertos. In fact, you can explore the entire Un-carrier history here: Un-carrier History | Un-carrier Moves.


Suffice to say we figured it was only right to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know some more about you.


Let Us Get to Know YOU

Have a minute to introduce yourself? Visita esta discusión and let us know a few things!


1. Where are you from?
2. What do you use your phone for most?
3. What's your favorite Un-carrier move?

4. What's your fantasy Un-carrier move?


We'd love to have you chime in and give us the chance to get to know you better!

What can't your phone do for you? Te mostramos de qué manera este emprendedor confía en su aparato móvil para todas las tareas móviles que exige su carrera.


As Andrew Ross Rowe explained to our sección de noticias de T-Mobile team, the world is his office.


The founder and owner of Mega Megapixel, a New York-based video production company, Andrew specializes in making documentary pieces, news segments and buzzy commercials for clients as diverse as Dell, BuzzFeed and Walmart. But of all his gear, he swears that his mobile device is the one piece of equipment that truly keeps his enterprise buzzing. From location scouting to mobile banking, Andrew shares, in his own words, how he makes the most of his smartphone -- so you can, too.



“It sounds obvious, but text messaging and email are key communications tools for anyone running a pequeñas empresas, and especially for me when I'm needing to quickly connect with my staff across a large set. Using my phone's timer and alarm settings when I'm in the middle of a production also helps keep everyone on track and makes sure we accomplish everything on the schedule for that day. For days where we have a shoot with multiple locations, I also rely heavily on my phone's maps functions to make sure we don't get stuck in any traffic and that everyone arrives on time."



"Using my phone to sign talent releases and location agreements is great, especially because no one-least of all me!-wants to lug a stack of paper with them. I can also use my phone in conjunction with my tablet to set up an emergency teleprompter while I'm out in the field. It helps actors deliver their lines and the mobile setup keeps costs down and is always helpful to have on hand."



"One thing that may be somewhat unique to my business is using my phone in scouting and framing scenes before any crew even get there. I use the camera to take pictures of locations so I can visually explain to my director of photography the kind of movements I'd like to see in our video. I can send them constant updates from the road so they'll know exactly what we need to make our shoots happen. That has saved my life a million times."



"I also love the voice recorder function, so that I can take notes during all our pre-production meetings. That way, I have all of my client's requests in one place without needing to use a laptop or computer, and I can always meet their spec in full detail."



"After shoots, I use my mobile banking apps to send invoices to all my clients. I also use them to see if I've been paid or not, and to send reminders to my clients that their payments are due. Once those come in, I can pay my vendors-and myself-through my phone. The quicker I can pay, the happier the people I work with are. That's always a notification everyone loves to get!"



Looking for more tips on how to use your device for your business needs? Pagar Nueva tendencia en viajes: bienvenidos al mundo de los viajes por placer y negocios, and find more stories featuring device tips, life tips and the future of mobile aquí.


Tropical Storm Barry

Publicado por tmo_marissa 13 de jul. de 2019

Tropical Storm Barry made landfall on Saturday morning. The T-Mobile emergency response teams are standing by ready to help our customers and the community in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge metro areas.


T-Mobile teams mobilized a range of recovery equipment and supplies close to the regions expected to be most affected. These include generators, network recovery equipment and community response trucks with the ability to provide wi-fi coverage, charging stations and essentials for affected residents.


Please note, T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile stores in the Louisiana evacuation zones will be closed today, Saturday, July 13th.


If you are a T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile customer and you need assistance with your account or service, call 611 from your handset and we will be happy to help. Non T-Mobile customers who are interested in finding out more about our services can call 1-800-TMOBILE.


We understand how important it is for customers to stay connected in times like these and remind customers on T-Mobile One or Simple Choice plans that they always have unlimited talk, text, and data. Metro by T-Mobile customers also have unlimited talk and text on all plans.


Más información

¡Hey, fanáticos del béisbol de todas las edades, hoy es la gran noche! T-Mobile is donating at least a quarter million dollars to Little League® Baseball and Softball at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. Home runs at the Derby will drive the total higher…$1K per home run and $5K per home run with a magenta ball during bonus time. And whether in Cleveland or at home, T-Mobile packs on the fun for all fans!


Big Love for Little League®

TMO_HomeRunDerby.jpgWe've got big league love for Little League® teams. T-Mobile is the Official Wireless Provider of Major League Baseball, and we're going BIG by donating at least $250K to Little League Baseball and Softball at this year's T-Mobile Home Run Derby. $250K goes a loooong way to help more kids play America's game…and that means a better connection to community, hard work and sportsmanship.


MLB players can drive the total higher with every dinger, as the Un-carrier will donate an extra $1K per home run and $5K per magenta bonus ball home run - which could be more than $450K if players hit even as many regulation home runs as they did last year! La recaudación contribuirá a que los programas locales de las Pequeñas Ligas sean más accesibles para los niños y las familias de todo el país gracias a subsidios para comprar equipos y ayuda financiera para reducir el costo de participación. Esto se suma a los $100,000 que T-Mobile y el director ejecutivo, John Legere, donaron en abril para ayudar a los esfuerzos de reconstrucción de ligas locales de Puerto Rico.


Connecting Fans In and Out of Cleveland

At the ballpark or at home, T-Mobile brought all fans closer to the game they love with special access to All-Star Week events in Cleveland -- read more about all the All-Star Week love in our T-Mobile Newsroom!


We're especially excited to see what's happening at the Home Run Derby Participant Magenta Lounges, two on-field lounges that will bring fans up close and personal with the game at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. Follow @TMobile on Twitter e Instagram to scope out Little Leaguers® interviewing MLB All-Stars, get an inside peek behind the scenes of America's game and more, and stay tuned for donation totals. Root toot toot for those home runs!


El Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ya está aquí

Publicado por tmo_marissa 2 de jul. de 2019

It's a dream come true for early adopters who want to try the very latest. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is now available at the Un-carrier, allowing customers to boost T-Mobile's advanced LTE network with 5G in parts of six city centers.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

El Galaxy S10 5G is a supercharged device that levels up the incredible features of the recently launched Galaxy S10 lineup. It has the largest Galaxy screen yet with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, a pro-grade camera system with six lenses and 3D Depth Sensing technology, a massive 4,500 mAh battery and Wireless PowerShare.


This newest Samsung Galaxy taps into LTE and 5G in millimeter wave (mmWave) high-band spectrum simultaneously, boosting the capabilities of the Un-carrier’s network in parts of six urban areas (Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York). Where customers don’t get a 5G signal, the device still lights up all the capabilities of T-Mobile’s advanced nationwide LTE network -- 4X4 MIMO, LAA and carrier aggregation -- and taps into Extended Range LTE for even more coverage and capacity.


To support the new smartphone, T-Mobile is pioneering a technology first with Multi-band Dual Connectivity across the Un-carrier's entire 5G network, aggregating 5G in the millimeter wave band and LTE. That means customers can supplement an already blazing-fast LTE experience with 5G using mmWave spectrum for even better speeds. And to ensure customers know where they can access faster 5G speeds, we've published a millimeter wave coverage map for each city.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is available in select stores in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. Check availability aquí!


Read the full announcement on our T-Mobile Newsroom.
For more information on T-Mobile’s 5G network and coverage maps, visit: www.t-mobile.com/coverage/our-first-5g-coverage-maps.
For more information on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, visit: www.t-mobile.com/devices/samsung-galaxy-s10-5g.





SyncUP DRIVE se renovó

Publicado por tmo_marissa 24 de jun. de 2019

T-Mobile's connected car solution, SyncUP DRIVE, now has new features like real-time tracking when you need roadside assistance, a gas station locator and a new dashboard with all you need to know about your car's health and more -- all at no extra cost. For anyone who drives and wants to make their car smarter, this update takes some of the pain out of car maintenance.


ConnectedCar.pngStreet Smart

Just in time for your summer road trips, T-Mobile has launched major upgrades to its all-in-one connected car solution, SyncUP DRIVE™, with more features and a refreshed app. Now, SyncUP DRIVE customers can request and track their included Allstate® Roadside Assistance in real-time through the app just like you would a rideshare, easily see gas prices and nearby stations, and get an improved overview of vehicle diagnostics.


¿Qué es SyncUP DRIVE? It's a connected car solution compatible with most vehicles on the road today, and it helps you understand your car better and keep you and your family safer on the road. With these updates, your SyncUP DRIVE app gets a whole new look, making it easier than ever to navigate, AND it gets a whole new set of features that help you:

  • Track your roadside assistance in real-time: Request roadside assistance from the new app and track your tow truck in real-time – just like your favorite ride-sharing app but for 24/7 assistance for lockouts, jumps, tire changes and more.
  • Be gas-savvy: Save time and money at the pump – the new app displays gas prices and nearby locations.
  • Monitor your car’s needs at a glance: New dashboard gives you an overview of your car’s health with color-coded icons to help you prioritize what needs your attention first, whether it’s your gas tank, engine or battery – and gives you other helpful insights.
  • Go paperless: Your new virtual glovebox can store a digital copy of your insurance, registration and maintenance records so you’ll have it all at the ready, when you need them.
  • Stay better connected: With the recent hardware update, SyncUP DRIVE is 600 MHz capable, giving you better coverage than before in rural areas and structures like parking garages.


SyncUP DRIVE also turns your car into a mobile hotspot with in-vehicle Wi-Fi, helps you to pinpoint the location of your vehicles - super helpful for parents of teen drivers or if you forgot where you parked - and analyzes driving behavior, offering tips to save on wear and tear. Because SyncUP DRIVE plugs into your car's OBD-II on-board diagnostics port (standard on most cars built after 1996), you'll finally have some insight on what's happening when that dreaded, vague 'check engine' light pops on. And you can manage it all through the new and improved app en iOS y Android – available for all new and existing SyncUP DRIVE customers.


T-Mobile's SyncUP DRIVE is available in select T-Mobile stores across the nation. Find more details (read: images!) about the upgraded app experience in our sección de noticias de T-Mobile, and for more information about SyncUP DRIVE and to check vehicle compatibility, visit https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/syncup. For more information on Roadside Assistance from Allstate, go aquí.



Oferta por tiempo limitado; sujeta a cambio. SyncUP DRIVE: Más impuestos. Si se cancela el servicio, deberá pagarse el saldo restante sobre el precio total.Capable smartphone, app, compatible vehicle, and qualifying service required. GPS signal required for vehicle tracking; coverage not available in some areas. Puede requerirse aprobación de crédito, depósito y un kit básico con tarjeta SIM de $25. AutoPay pricing for lines 1-8 on account; without AutoPay $5 more, may not be reflected on first bill. Roadside Assistance: Provided by Allstate Motor Club. Qualifying plan and enrollment required. Service limits apply, contact Allstate or click aquí para los detalles.

Esto va ser un ÉXITO con los aficionados al béisbol... For the first time ever, T-Mobile customers can score exclusive deals on tickets for select regular season MLB games for all 30 Clubs – yep, that’s every team! – through T-Mobile Tuesdays.


Starting tomorrow, June 18th, ticket offers for the first 10 Clubs – the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers – will be available for one week in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.



To get your tickets, simply open the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on your smartphone or go en línea to save your offer. Then, copy the offer code and hit "Redeem" to choose from a list of available ticket deals, which vary by Club. Act fast, these deals are available while supplies last! Be sure to paste in the offer code upon checkout to score your exclusive deal. Once you've got your ticket, grab your mitt and head to the park! Offers for the remaining Clubs will be unlocked monthly throughout the remainder of the 2019 MLB regular season.


As the Official Wireless Sponsor of MLB, T-Mobile has already given customers free MLB.TV, and now, the Un-carrier piles on even more perks with exclusive ticket deals! With T-Mobile's Magenta plan, customers get the industry’s best unlimited plan with taxes and fees included, unlimited hotspot with 3GB high-speed data per month, Netflix por cuenta nuestra for families, the mejor atención al cliente de servicio móvil , con un Equipo de Expertos, and free scam protection options to fight robocalls. Customers also score weekly free stuff and discounts from T-Mobile Tuesdays along with industry-leading travel benefits.




Justo a tiempo para la ajetreada temporada de viajes de verano, ¡T-Mobile vuelve a incrementar sus beneficios para viajes líderes en la industria! T-Mobile's Magenta plans already include unlimited texting and data in más de 210 países y destinos around the world, and now Un-carrier customers have more options, thanks to new International Passes with high-speed data and unlimited calling in all of those countries and destinations.


The Passes

International pass options include:

  • The new 5GB International Pass includes 5GB of high-speed data to be used up to 10 days for just $35, or
  • The new 15GB International Pass includes 15GB of high-speed data to be used up to 30 days for just $50.
  • Or if you just need a day, you can still get the popular International Pass with up to 512 MB of high-speed data and unlimited calling for just $5 a day.


Los tres pases de datos incluyen datos a alta velocidad a velocidades LTE y llamadas ilimitadas. And, just like everything Un-carrier, there are no hidden fees or gotchas. No tienes que hacer nada antes de partir: ni suscribirte ni llamar por adelantado. Lo único que debes hacer al llegar es agregar los pases que necesites en la app o por Internet. All that goodness adds up to a lot of value.


When your travel takes you abroad, T-Mobile has you covered with the new Magenta plan. Headed to Mexico or Canada? Tienes llamadas, mensajes de texto y datos ilimitados para smartphones con hasta 5 GB de alta velocidad a velocidades de 4G LTE incluidos en tu plan sin costo adicional. ¿Sales del país con destino a alguno de los 210 países y destinos? Podrás disfrutar mensajes de texto y datos ilimitados a velocidades de hasta 2G, y llamadas a solo 25¢ el minuto, todo incluido en tu plan... O BIEN, con uno de los nuevos pases con datos a alta velocidad, obtén cobertura LTE y llamadas ilimitadas.


Not Sure Where to Go?

You're in luck! T-Mobile's Story team recently put together a super helpful list of awesome off-season travel destinations to help you roam if and when you want to. The savvy international traveler knows avoiding the tourist-trap months is the secret to a successful vacation...even summer offers some surprising off-season gems! Here's a little insider info to help you skip places at their peak (and maybe put one of those passes to good use).

  1. Seville, Spain

    For all the lovers: Turn up the heat by taking a trip to Seville in July and August. You'll be enjoying one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in Europe. Among the sights to see is Seville's majestic Alcázar palace, a masterpiece of Moorish architecture. Blistering hot? Yes. But a crowd-free photo-op you can't miss. Plus, you can reward yourself with a few frosty Cruzcampos and cold tapas - and then, to burn off the rest of the afternoon heat, a blissful siesta. Or whatever your heart desires…
  2. Bariloche, Argentina

    Have a hankering for a summer ski? Head down to this Argentinian city during the country's winter months, June through August, to hit some of the smoothest and most breathtaking slopes imaginable. If you lack a passion for pow-pow, Bariloche also has lots to offer besides the trails, from a wooded winter walk to a frozen lagoon to its famous chocolate shops. Après-ski Patagonia style with some of Argentina's world-renowned wines and grilled local meats to fuel up for another run, or simply relax the day away in one of the Bariloche's many luxury spas.
  3. Sydney, Australia

    Visiting Down Under during Australian summer (our winter) can be insanely expensive. So snap up some tickets to Sydney during Aussie spring, which is from late September to November. There's so much of the city's natural beauty to explore, especially its famously gorgeous beaches: Catch some rays at Bondi, or grab a board and join the surfers at Tamarama or Bronte. Too cold for a beach day? Try a stroll through the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens, or the city's excellent museums, which will be open in case you get some really nasty weather. (You might.) Also, make sure to book a Harbour cruise – a great way to see other major sights like Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
  4. Cairo.jpg

    Cairo, Egypt

    Summer is Egypt’s low season (for a reason: it’s hot!), but if you can put up with a little extra heat under your collar, you’ll be rewarded like a king. Known as “The Paris of the East” – the city is lined with late 1800s’ Belle Époque architecture a June or July jaunt will let you peak into a pyramid-rich past without needing a tomb full of gold to pay for it. Word to the wise: Air conditioning is still a burgeoning amenity at most indoor cultural sites, so head out to see the antiquities and artifacts early in the morning – or scrap those plans altogether and cool off with a cruise down the Nile.




For SIX MORE fantastic off-season travel destinations, read the full story on our sección de noticias de T-Mobile here:
Roam If & When You Want to: 10 Awesome Off-Season Travel Destinations.

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T-Mobile is on hand to help the community of Dayton, Ohio, after Monday’s devastating tornado


Se actualizó: 5/30/19

  • Jeep.pngT-Mobile's network has some limited outages. We are working to quickly restore service in these locations. We've deployed network resources like Cell On Wheels (COWs) and Cell On Light Trucks (COLTs) to help provide wireless coverage to T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers in the area.
  • As the network is recovering, we encourage T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers to consider using text rather than voice services over the next couple of days -- text messages have the greatest chance of success in high traffic situations.
  • T-Mobile relief trucks and local team members will be located at 3891 Kemp Rd Beavercreek, OH  45431 to distribute supplies including chargers, water, tents, chairs and other essentials.


Remember, customers on T-Mobile One or Simple Choice plans always have unlimited talk, text, and data. Metro by T-Mobile customers also have unlimited talk and text on all plans. If you are a T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile customer affected by this natural disaster, call 611 from your handset for assistance with your account or service.


T-Mobile customers who would like to donate $10 to the American Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts across the United States can text "REDCROSS" to 90999. La donación se te cobrará en tu próxima factura de T-Mobile. Pueden aplicarse tarifas de mensajes de texto y datos. Se puede encontrar más información en: http://mobilegiving.org/terms-and-conditions/


It's that time of year again -- National Scavenger Hunt day is tomorrow, May 24th, and we're celebrating with a contest! Show us how skilled you are at finding the helpful documents we're happy to host here on Support.T-Mobile.com, and you could be the winner (...of the prize, you're always a winner to us)!


T.pngEl concurso

Starting today, May 23rd, through Thursday, May 30th, the hunt is on! We want Support Community members to take a look at a few questions and hunt for the location of the answers! You don't have to travel the worldwide web: each question can be answered using documents and discussion threads located right here on Asistencia or within our Comunidad de asistencia. This scavenger hunt is going to take you to some new places on our Support site, so even you Support Community veterans out there will have to dig to find the answers to all ten questions!


The winner will be selected based on the number of correct links they identify and provide. If a tie breaker is necessary, we'll rank submissions based on the order in which they're received.


At stake is a $50 gift certificate to BeMagenta.com, where you can pick up just the right gear to show off your T-Mobile pride.



To participate in this contest, you must post a comment on this thread letting us know that you’ll be playing. BUT PLEASE: for the love of all that is magenta, don’t post your answers on the thread!


After you’ve commented, a Community Manager will send you a private message confirming that we've noted your intent to play. Once you've found as many of the links as you can (or all of them, you overachiever!), reply to the private message from the Community Manager with a list of the links (the web address or URL at the top of the page) you've found. Happy hunting to all, and be careful not to run into the evil 404 monster while you're out there!


Ready? Head aquí to play, and good luck!




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