• Tarifas de roaming internacional Simple Global para T-Mobile para empresas y T-Mobile para el gobierno

    ¿Cuáles son mis tarifas de roaming internacional Simple Global? Eligible Business and T-Mobile for Government T-Mobile plans receive unlimited data at up to 2G speeds and texts at no extra cost within 210+ countries and desti...
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  • Devolver un aparato de cobertura T-Mobile

    Descubre dos formas simples de devolver un aparato de cobertura T-Mobile, como un CellSpot 4G LTE.  On this page: Return to a T-Mobile store Return through the mail Fees  Return to a T-Mobile store You can ret...
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  • Red de T-Mobile

    Obtén información sobre la cobertura y las tecnologías de la red T-Mobile, necesarias para que tu aparato se pueda conectar.  Keep in mind, you may try the service in your area with the Lifetime Coverage Guarantee!  Go to: Covera...
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  • Garantía con cobertura de por vida

    Puedes probar la red T-Mobile sin riesgos con nuestra garantía de cobertura de por vida y devolución de dinero de 30 días.  Go to: How it works Activation of benefits Things you should know if you decide to leave ...
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  • Visiting the USA

    Hi guys, I am from Brazil and in next may I will visiting the USA and I will  be staying in Florida state, I have a asus zenfone MAX Plus M1, model ASUS_X018D, and I'd like to now if mi handset will work with T-m...
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  • Gogo wifi and One Plus Plan

    How do you activate the wifi once you switch to the one plus plan? do you get a gogo account or something?
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  • Has anyone with a Pixel 2 been able to roam internationally?

    I want to get the Pixel 2 however it's not in the list of supported devices for international roaming per the website. It actually doesn't even pull up the device... So it's basically nonexistent. I see a number of TM...
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  • Smartphone with no Data

    Is it possible to use a smartphone with just a basic talk/text plan and no data? (I'd bring my own phone to the table and purchase a Sim card) I basically want to talk/text with it and then use apps just purely with W...
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  • Horrible Service - Not able to send/receive all text messages

    I am not able to send/receive all text messages. I have an iPhone 8+ and recently switched to T-Mobile. This has never been an issue with any other provider. I know many other users are facing the same issue - has any...
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