• Does not charge

    My HTC one will not charge connected to charger in my auto cigarette lighter. In fact it slowly discharges. Any ideas?
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  • Incorrect Location

    Hey, While I'm in school, my device would always tell me the city I'm in as well as the weather. The school is in Henderson, NV, but for the past 2 months, whenever I'm in school, my device's "location" is in Peoria,...
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  • HTC M7 goes into airplane mode while in call. Any solutions?

    For 6 months now i have to deal with the most annoying issue. I get calls dropped due to the fact that M7 switches into Airplane Mode by itself.   3-4-5 times in a row.    I updated software, reset t...
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  • Solution to Picture/Group MMS on WiFi

    This was specifically for the Galaxy Note 3, but I am posting it here for the possibility it may be helpful for other Android Phones besides this one. While viewing the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and other pages I saw many pe...
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  • Connectivity problems with HTC Remix

    Hi all, I bought a HTC Remix (One 2) from Verizon Wireless and have been trying to use it on T-Mobile's Network. At first, I was successful in connecting to LTE, making and receiving calls and receiving ONLY SMS; no s...
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  • Would I have to pay more money if I root my phone while it already being cracked?

    I understand that if I root my phone I would have to pay a deductible when I trade it in. I already cracked the screen so I have to pay the deductible anyway. If I root my phone would I have to pay more money for the ...
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  • brick=My T-Mobile HTC One?

    Two days ago things became weird and somehow my phone did a master reset.   I spent two days getting everything set up again.   Last night, the phone shutoff by itself. I believe it had a small charge at t...
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  • Out of Warranty Fee?

    Hey everyone,   There was an issue with the call feature on my phone (text/data/apps were all working) so I went into the T-mobile store to see what could be done. The representative there noted that my phone w...
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  • Vrizon unlocked HTC one (M7) , 4G does not work on T-Mobile

    I have recently purchased a Vrizon unlocked HTC one (M7) and put my T-mobile sim in it. However the data do not go beyond 2G (with the symbole E on the top ribbon). It is given the fact that HTC One is compatible with...
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  • Unable to hear outgoing/incoming calls

    I have the htc one M7, I recently started having issues with being able to hear my phone calls incoming or outgoing, I tried speaker, bluetooth devices, and headphones. The only way to get it working is if I reboot my...
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  • Need help in enabling Wifi calling HTC One M7

    Hi   can you tell me - how to set up WiFi calling in HTC M7 one. I have andriod 4.4.3 .I have TMobile unlimited plan.
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  • Unlocked HTC One M7 from Verzion on T Mobiles Network? help.

    The phone is officially unlocked by Verzion. With a T Mobile micro sim installed, im able to send messages and recive phone calls and even use data. But when using data I believe im on T Mobiles 2g Edge network, as a ...
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  • Howcome doesn't T-Mobile carry the M7 anymore?

    I'm trying to buy the M7 through t-mobile with the EIP, but it seems to be unavailable everywhere.  Stores, online, customer service, etc. no one has it. I don't want the M8 because it's too big and I don't carry...
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  • Paying the premium handset protection for nothing!!???

    I brought two HTC One M7 for my wife and myself last year. We both love the phone and like its design. However, there are purple tints on the photos when taking pictures in low light condition. I google the problem to...
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  • Cant call! Help please!

    Hi, I have a google edition HTC One and for somereason today I cannot call or recevice calls. When i attempt to call someone it sayings dialing ( without any ringing) and then it just ends. Please help me.
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  • getting duplicate text messages

    not from everyone and not from the same people consistently, but it's mighty annoying. apparently something that isn't important enough to fix judging from the number of posts about the same issue here and elsewhere.
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  • Problems with service (HTC One)

    Hello all, Last night (12/9/14) I set up my HTC One M7 for activation on the $30 plan with 100 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited messaging. I decided that I wanted to port my phone numher, and so I entered all t...
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  • HTC Backorder Info

    My HTC one stopped charging, so I requested a replacement device from T-mobile. However, the device is back ordered apparently, so I would like to know when I can expect it. Currently, I am without a properly charging...
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  • Developer API for detecting WiFi calling

    TextSecure (an alternative SMS/messaging app) is unable to send SMS messages when WiFi Calling is enabled. The reason for this is that TextSecure checks if there's a network connection before sending an SMS, and when ...
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  • Unlocked AT&T HTC ONE (M7)

    I have an AT&T branded (unlocked) HTC One (M7) running Android version 4.1.2 and HTC Sense version 5.0 on the T-Mobile network. When I go into software updates, it says there are no updates available. Can I not ev...
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