• Vrizon unlocked HTC one (M7) , 4G does not work on T-Mobile

    I have recently purchased a Vrizon unlocked HTC one (M7) and put my T-mobile sim in it. However the data do not go beyond 2G (with the symbole E on the top ribbon). It is given the fact that HTC One is compatible with...
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  • Need help in enabling Wifi calling HTC One M7

    Hi   can you tell me - how to set up WiFi calling in HTC M7 one. I have andriod 4.4.3 .I have TMobile unlimited plan.
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  • Unlocked HTC One M7 from Verzion on T Mobiles Network? help.

    The phone is officially unlocked by Verzion. With a T Mobile micro sim installed, im able to send messages and recive phone calls and even use data. But when using data I believe im on T Mobiles 2g Edge network, as a ...
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  • Cant call! Help please!

    Hi, I have a google edition HTC One and for somereason today I cannot call or recevice calls. When i attempt to call someone it sayings dialing ( without any ringing) and then it just ends. Please help me.
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  • getting duplicate text messages

    not from everyone and not from the same people consistently, but it's mighty annoying. apparently something that isn't important enough to fix judging from the number of posts about the same issue here and elsewhere.
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  • Unlocked AT&T HTC ONE (M7)

    I have an AT&T branded (unlocked) HTC One (M7) running Android version 4.1.2 and HTC Sense version 5.0 on the T-Mobile network. When I go into software updates, it says there are no updates available. Can I not ev...
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  • Cant send text messages longer than 160 characters.  short ones fine

    Happy almost new year everyone.   Cant send text messages longer than 160 characters. shorter ones are fine. sending pics fine with greater > 160 characters  as well. worked a week ago. Thanks!
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  • I accidentally switched my plan now it won't let me switch back to my $30 unlimited text/data and 100min talk?

    I accidentally switched my plan now it won't let me switch back to my $30 unlimited text/data and 100min talk?i switched to the $3 a day plan accidentally now can't switch back?
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  • Update 6.09.401.10 HTC One M7??

    Sorry, when arrive firmware 6.09.401.10 for HTC One M7?
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  • Recently Patched HTC One (M7) Won't Dial From Contacts List When Using 4G LTE Network- Instead Get Message: "No Internet Calling Account"

    I was one of the many whose HTC One (M7) suffered the no audio during phone (only) issued in late November/early December.  On Dec 19th (or 20th) I downloaded and applied the patch which fixed the audio issue.&nb...
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  • phone rings(audible sound) when set to vibrate

    trying to figure out why my phone rings aloud when set to vibrate.  it's been happening with one particuar contact at the moment.   any ideas would be greatly appreciated.   thanks!
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  • Camera on HTC One M8 are blurry

    The camera takes blurry pictures, regardless of the distance, light, angle, etc. Everything is blurry. I have had the camera since May, and it just started about 2 days ago. Help!
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  • HTC One (M7) Camera (Hardware) Issue

    The camera has an issue in low light environment, it turns purple.   It looks like > http://justclickin.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/htc-pink-tint-300x155.jpg
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  • HCT One M7 rekeeps rebooting

    After restarting my HTC One M7 it is in endless reboot for HTC One screen and Tmobile screen.  This was fairly shortly after loading new update of android. I took to Tmobile store and great rep tried for 2+ hour...
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  • HTC One Developer's Edition 64GB

    NOT SUPPORTED IN ALL AREAS!   Just a warning to those who might be inclined to purchase the HTC One Developer's Edition directly from HTC.  I bought it and it would not work at higher speeds on T-Mobile's n...
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  • HTC One Microphone Problem

    I recently purchased a Refurb phone with my new plan.  I've tried the phone with case, without the case, I've updated the software.  Yet nothing is seeming to fix the fact that I can't use the phone to actua...
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  • HTC One (M7) Will Not Turn On

    I recently updated the operating system on my HTC One (M7). An app on the phone had froze the device so I held to power button down for ~15 seconds and the phone shutdown. I've been trying to restart the phone and it ...
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  • Which SIM to order for m7?

    I'm thinking of switching over to t-mobile and bringing an HTC One M7.   Looking at the site, the BYOD section doesn't give the m7 as a choice, just the m8.  Which SIM would I order for my phone? I assu...
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  • HTC 1 E8 Dual Sim - Slot 1 not working in US

    I have a dual SIM HTC One E8 bought in India and a T-mobile SIM and an Vodafone (India) SIM. Both SIM's worked fine in both slots in India and Frankfurt, Germany. However both SIMS work only in Slot 2 in the US. Eithe...
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  • Purple(pink) tint in HTC one

    Hi, I've had a HTC one since Oct. It is good except the camera part. I noticed that the camera at indoor situations it has a crazy purple tint that turns the color of pictures shifting and it gets worse (turns to brig...
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