• HTC 1 E8 Dual Sim - Slot 1 not working in US

    I have a dual SIM HTC One E8 bought in India and a T-mobile SIM and an Vodafone (India) SIM. Both SIM's worked fine in both slots in India and Frankfurt, Germany. However both SIMS work only in Slot 2 in the US. Eithe...
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  • Considering leaving T-mobile for better service. Please help ASAP

    I have been a loyal T mobile customer since 2004. I started off on a family plan with my mom and eventually went out got my own line. For years I have been bragging to everyone how great the customer service is here a...
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  • Charger piece broken

    The part where my charger goes has broken or something. I have to hold it a certain way for it to charge. I know its not the charger cause I tried like 5 different ones. What should I do? Get a whole new phone ? Or is...
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  • Phone stuck on HTC screen after installing recent android update

    After being prompted to, I installed an Android update 9/22/14.  After the install was complete my phone was stuck in a loop where it continuously restarted.  I was told by customer service to perform a fact...
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  • Network busy has been popping up every time I try to make phone calls.

    I literally just got this phone. What do I do?
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  • BYOD unlocked AT&T mobile data not working even after APNs set

    I just bought an unlocked refurbished HTC One (M7) from AT&T. I installed my T-Mobile SIM card and configured the APNs in order to get the Mobile Data connected. It shows as connected, but I can't get any connecti...
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  • DONT BYOD if you have a ATT HTC ONE MMS Nor HOTSPOT Works!!!!

    I feel faked out now that I have moved over to tmobile from att. I brand new unlocked htc one nothing works dont bring ur phone over to these guys they lie. i just paid $80 for (removed by T-Force, profanity) NOTHING ...
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  • Please help - mobile data connected but internet/apps not working?

    I just bought a used HTC One (M7) that is unlocked & clean, originally from AT & T. I installed my T-Mobile SIM card and configured the APNs in order to get the Mobile Data connected. It shows as connected, bu...
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  • 4.4.3 update killed my phone

    Spoke with T-Mobile this morning.  My wife and I both have the M7. I updated my phone OTA last night, and downloaded but didn't install the update on my wife's.  My phone appeared to work fine last night, s...
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  • Your sim card does not allow a connection to this network

    Hi,   So today I started having a problem with my HTC one m7 phone, basically I can't connect to a cell phone network. I was hoping someone could help me out with this. I can't send texts, make calls, or even use...
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  • Update approved - will roll out this week

    Mo Versi of HTC says that 4.4.3 (plus other updates) is approved by T-Mobile. https://twitter.com/moversi/status/508117910104309760   Supposedly, includes security updates from 4.4.4, other bug fixes, and Wifi ...
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  • HTC One Returned and Disappeared

    On 5/30 I mailed my defected HTC One to T-Mobile Return Center under a store assistant's instruction. Tracking indicates the phone was delivered on 06/03, and since then I haven't heard of any info about it. When I ta...
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  • T-Mobile LTE now working fantastic in NYC

    I found T-mobile LTE this after noon in Flushing, Queens, NYC. I am in the MTA 7 train. It's seems Queens has the LTE now. LTE stop at Queensboro Plaza station.
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  • Latest update (Sense 6) went well

    Yesterday, I installed the update that just released. It includes HTC Sense 6 and some other improvements.   I don't notice any issues and the improvements are quite nice - a fresh look and seems smoother. You s...
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  • HTC One defective camera fiasco

    After an uneventful (albeit expensive) decade as an ATT customer, it came time for new phones and the better deal from t-mobile lured me over. On Monday the 15th I signed up over the phone and ordered 2 HTC One phones...
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  • HTC One data stopped working while roaming internationally

    I've been in Italy since Monday and had my network set to "GSM only" using 2g network and everything was working fine up until today. I opened browser and it suddenly said not connected. I've been through live chat tr...
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  • Turning off wifi while connected to wifi calling...Annoying Bug...

    question....   I'm having issues when i turn off wifi and i'm connected to wifi calling... my signal and data takes about 15 mins to return or in some cases dosen't return at all. To fix i would have to turn wif...
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  • htc one 8

    How much for HTC one m8
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  • Aktualizacia HTC One

    Zdravim, chcel by som sa Vás spýtať, kedy dostanem aktualizaciu namoj mobil. Uz vsetci moji znami ho maju, a ja stale nic. V pripade zaujmu poslem aj IMEI telefonu. Dakujem za odpoved
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  • camera purple tint is still showing how can i fix it?

    i have talked to HTC customer service to get this problem fixed and they told me that i should get my device replaced i have tried many times getting this problem fixed and in low light i cannot take pictures and it...
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