• 4G/data connection does not automatically start

    Restarting this question as it was closed (sorry, was traveling)   I am using an unlocked AT&T S4 device on the T-Mobile network. This is the second device that I have in a short time as the previous one cra...
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  • What happened to live chat?

    I have typed this question and found an answer from May 3, 2013......but there is no gray chat tab!! I HATE the automated customer service on the 800 number. PLEASE HELP!!
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  • APN for 4g LTE fail! Samsung Galaxy S 4g T959v

    Connections & network: Samsung Galaxy S 4G T959vcreated by tmo_adam_c on Oct 2, 2013 11:49 AM, last modified by tmo_candace on Feb 24, 2014 11:50 AM This is concerning the above document and my cell phone. I upgra...
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  • Music

    I bought a few songs from google play and i do not know how to make them my ringtones
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  • Why is Camera not working on Galaxy S4?

    Been having problems with my wife's Galaxy S4 since we updated to the new Android 4.3...The camera won't work and it only shows a black screen. Tried every type of solution that there is but still no clue why it's not...
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