• Nokia Lumia 521

    I recently had to reset my phone with the help of T-mobile support on the phone rather than at a T-mobile store.  I still have 24 applications showing to be downloading but in need of attention. Plus previous...
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  • je veux utiliser une autre puce

    je veux pouvoir utiliser tous les operateur
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  • will there be a denim update for Lumia 521? When?

    will there be a denim update for Lumia 521? When?
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  • Where can I find an email to file a complaint?

    Where can I find an email or the best contact information to file a complaint to T-Mobile regarding customer service? Preferably something where I am not brought back to customer service (makes no sense).   I h...
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  • Pre-installed apps: Nokia Lumia 521

    Discover apps that come pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia 521.       Pre-installed apps  The following apps are pre-installed on the device:   411 & More Alarms Angry Birds Roost App H...
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  • Clear & uninstall app: Nokia Lumia 521

    Learn how to uninstall and clear cache for apps on the Nokia Lumia 521.   Go to: Clear app cache and data Uninstall app       Clear app cache and data  Clearing cache or data from an ap...
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  • My phone turns off every time I try to send a text, As soon as I type the first letter, the phone shuts off. How do I fix this?

    I'm getting really annoyed by this, As soon as I type the first character,phone restarts. I even downloaded the Text Me app because I need to be able to text, but  it does the same in there as well. What could be...
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  • Why is Netflix throttled?

    Hi,   I very rarely watch Netflix in my mobile and even rarely outside my home. @my home I have wifi and Netflix runs properly. I tried watching Netflix twice or thrice outside my home. The movie/show would star...
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  • need to unlock lumia 521 imei:355913057606241

    how to unlock a phone in india i have purchased in us 1 year back now also its not unlocked... what i want to do
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  • lumia 521 prepaid, maps to sd card

    Is it possible to load the maps to a sd card on a pre-paid lumia 521? I want them available for here drive when I am not near a wifi connection.
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  • Nokia 521 with cyan update, Windows OneDrive no longer working

    I went to check something on my Onedrive while i was out and about and noticed my Onedrive icon was shaded out. figured ok jsut need to restart phone, did that and still nothing. went to my apps page and tried from th...
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  • stolen phone

    i am trying to use my find my phone app which is turned on and i cannot use it... i guess because i am on a school computer... can a representitive help me if i gave the information?? i just want my phone back
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  • Wi-Fi calling stopped working

    Wi-Fi calling used to work. It no longer. The WiFi tile is red. WiFi calling is enabled; I have an e911 address listed. The phone software is updated to 8.0.10517.150; my network wifi upload and downloads exceed .25.&...
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  • how do i use my play store

    I need help getting my phone to let me get different. Applications. How do use this phone I got the account setup and still can't. Use it.
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  • Windows Cyan (8.1) update fails

    I tried updating lumia 521 to windows 8.1 (cyan) update. The first part of update succeeds but the second part fails. It complains about not having enough memory. It says I need 477MB more but when I already have >...
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  • Windows 8.1, Nokia Lumia

    Can someone tell me if CORTANA will be supported by Nokia Lumia 521 after the windows 8.1 upgrade?   Thanks!
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  • Is wp8.1 Devlpr Release Worth the Effort

    For those experienced with the nokia 521 wp 8.1 developer pre-release version,  is the experience worth the effort?  Is the os stable enough to use reliably?
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  • Internet not connecting

    I've had my nokia 521 for over 6 months now and so far I've already had to call the tech number twice since I got it due to problems with wifi-calling. My new problem is something I don't know how to fix.   In t...
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  • problem with internet

    hi evry one plz ho can help me, i have a problem with me galaxy s4 t-mobile. im from morocco, i used card of MAROC TELECOM, the network work well, but 3G dont and i dont have 3G dataim my notifications panel thkx
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  • microsoft account can't be added..pls help!

    Anyone else having an issue creating a microsoft account for you to download in the market place then it will continue to give me error says "wrong email or password" even if i know it's correct. I already tried creat...
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