• svp je voudrais desimlocker mon nokia lumia 521.

    slt j'ai recu un nokia lumia 521 t mobil et je voudrais tellement le desimlocker pour l'utiliser avec les operateurs de mon pays merci.
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  • Nokia Lumia 521

    I recently had to reset my phone with the help of T-mobile support on the phone rather than at a T-mobile store.  I still have 24 applications showing to be downloading but in need of attention. Plus previous...
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  • je veux utiliser une autre puce

    je veux pouvoir utiliser tous les operateur
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  • will there be a denim update for Lumia 521? When?

    will there be a denim update for Lumia 521? When?
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  • Pre-installed apps: Nokia Lumia 521

    Discover apps that come pre-installed on the Nokia Lumia 521.       Pre-installed apps  The following apps are pre-installed on the device:   411 & More Alarms Angry Birds Roost App H...
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  • Clear & uninstall app: Nokia Lumia 521

    Learn how to uninstall and clear cache for apps on the Nokia Lumia 521.   Go to: Clear app cache and data Uninstall app       Clear app cache and data  Clearing cache or data from an ap...
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  • Why is Netflix throttled?

    Hi,   I very rarely watch Netflix in my mobile and even rarely outside my home. @my home I have wifi and Netflix runs properly. I tried watching Netflix twice or thrice outside my home. The movie/show would star...
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  • lumia 521 prepaid, maps to sd card

    Is it possible to load the maps to a sd card on a pre-paid lumia 521? I want them available for here drive when I am not near a wifi connection.
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  • Wi-Fi calling stopped working

    Wi-Fi calling used to work. It no longer. The WiFi tile is red. WiFi calling is enabled; I have an e911 address listed. The phone software is updated to 8.0.10517.150; my network wifi upload and downloads exceed .25.&...
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  • how do i use my play store

    I need help getting my phone to let me get different. Applications. How do use this phone I got the account setup and still can't. Use it.
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  • Windows Cyan (8.1) update fails

    I tried updating lumia 521 to windows 8.1 (cyan) update. The first part of update succeeds but the second part fails. It complains about not having enough memory. It says I need 477MB more but when I already have >...
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  • Windows 8.1, Nokia Lumia

    Can someone tell me if CORTANA will be supported by Nokia Lumia 521 after the windows 8.1 upgrade?   Thanks!
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  • Is wp8.1 Devlpr Release Worth the Effort

    For those experienced with the nokia 521 wp 8.1 developer pre-release version,  is the experience worth the effort?  Is the os stable enough to use reliably?
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  • I can't get any apps without Microsoft account, but keeps saying no connection when I try to get one!

    what's going on?
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  • Gmail won't sync

    Gmail won't sync to windows phone 521. It says that its syncing for a long time and then stop, When it stops syncing I have the log in screen to sign into my gmail account and set it up. After I sign in it starts to s...
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  • Lumina 521 Here Drive app

    How can I reload original Here Drive app for my Limina 521? after updating through Windows store, the ability to set destination by tapping map is lost.
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  • How-to guides: Nokia Lumia 521

    Learn how to use your Nokia Lumia 521 phone with user manuals and how-to guides.   Settings Backup & restore Bluetooth Device lock Emergency Alerts GPS Home screen Internal memory (RAM) Internal storag...
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  • Why can't I turn off Wifi Calling?

    I know that you can turn off wifi calling with the app, but I don't have the app anymore and it is not available in the store. Is there any other way to turn it off besides just turning off wifi? I can't receive texts...
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  • Lumia 521 Wifi no calling

    Just brought this today and went through the good and bad reviews.   The phone is quite cool.  I think the phone updated itself.  Have set the 911 address correctly (more than 1 hours now). Have also c...
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  • no w-fi

    2 new Lumia 521 phones this week.  2 separate prepaid accounts.  No data plans.  Installed "Black" Update. At home, one finds & connects to home network for Wi-Fi phone and internet use, & indic...
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