• Getting swamped with Support Community ?'s  WHY?

    ¿Tienes alguna idea?
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  • Android Pie Wifi Calling has one-way audio only

    I have a Pixel 3a running Pie and wifi calling doesn't work. In particular, inbound calls to my phone (over wifi) result in audio only going *from* my phone to the caller, but not the other way. Turning off Wifi cures...
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  • trade-in with no purchase.

    Hi. Is it possible to trade in my old phone without purchasing a new phone at T-mobile? I am planning to buy an unlocked phone from my friend.
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  • Email to text messages blocked as Spam

    We occasionally send messages via email to a group of cell numbers as text messages.  Those to T-Mobile customers have recently been bounced back with the following errors:  Your message couldn't be delive...
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  • Split group text messages after new update (note8)

    Hello,    I recently updated my note8 and now my previous group text messages are split. This is only happening with one person's response in the group. That message would come back to my phone as a...
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  • T-Mobile One NCC Zero International Roaming

    I feel like I have been scammed by T-Mobile reps at the store. I went in to switch to T-Mobile One NCC plan and one of my requirements was International Calls and International Roaming. I was clear about these two thi...
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  • BingeOn no longer on my account

    I signed up for my account strictly for streaming low-def video as there is no reliable hardline internet where I use this. For 18 months it worked great. Starting this year, the account keeps hitting the 5GB data cap...
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  • How do I add my eSim?

    Hi,  I recently purchased a pre-paid travel plan through the eSim app. after taking payment the app showed me my phone number and receipt option but never took me to the eSim setup. I have no QR code to instal...
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  • Assurant issues

    Hello everyone, is anyone else that you may know of having issues with Assurant who is the company that T-Mobile uses when your phone gets stolen, lost or damaged? My phone was stolen Monday morning July 9th and when ...
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  • How to unblock WCDMA B8 900MHz on a T mobile galaxy s8 active phone ?

    Hi,  I'm, now, living in France, and have a T-Mobil galaxy s8 active phone. Unfortunately T-mobile choose to block WCDMA B8 900MHz... I can't receive 3G because in Europe it's the main band.  How unblock...
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  • "Binge on" loses all of my mobile data allowance

    This week i spot that my mobile data keeps losing 1GB everyday without surf internet. I talked two representatives and technicians, but my problem has not been fixed.  Today I finally figured out that "Binge On...
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  • LG V20 Text

    I have one contact that will not give the option to send a SCHEDULED TEXT.  As a matter of fact this one contact also does not give the option to ADD SUBJECT.  All other contacts give the option to schedule ...
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  • Unlocked note 9 OTA updates

    If i buy an unlocked note 9 from samsung will I receive  firmware and OS updates from T-mobile or does phone have to be a T-mobile note9?
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  • Foro oficial de T-Mobile Tuesdays

    T-Mobile's keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Discounted MLB tickets. From MLB. Free medium latte. From Dunkin'. Free Nacho Cheese Dori...
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  • Charges added to my bill and they have NOT been refunded. Anyone else?

    Noticed my bill had 33$ per month extra on it...since January. These charges were for services like car tunes, which I never asked for. Unbelievable. After hours of speaking to people in Malaysia...none who actually h...
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  • Coverage problems after switching

    So I recently switched my family over to T-Mobile from Verizon, we kept our Verizon phones and were told they would still work with T-Mobile network, now that we have switched over and we have the service, it’s ...
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  • MMS not working on iPhone 8

    Hi. My settings are empty. This iPhone was originally from ATT. Now the mms is not working. Please Help. also no visual voicemail and no hotspot  Please help.  Message was edited by: mark scott
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  • Pay As You Go - Legacy help!

    Can existing Pay As You Go - Legacy refill their plans normally. My parents both have Pay As You Go - Legacy plans and their 1 year renewal deadline is in 2 days. They usually calls a family friend who works in s shop...
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  • International roaming with Pixel 3a - does it work in UK, France\, Greece?

    I have called T-mobile support twice to confirm that the Pixel 3a works/roams in Greece, the UK and France prior to up grading. My question was motivated by my current phone, the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime not working in...
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  • Suspended account. Where is my payment?

    Hello,  My account number xxxxxxxxx. Yesterday I paid 20 dollars via Ding.com - still don't have this money. Today I paid 15 dollars more. And I can see this 15 in my account, but all my lines are still suspe...
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