• WiFi Calling stopped working on LG K30

    I have an LG K30.  I use WIFI calling at my dad's because he has poor cell coverage.  About 3 weeks ago it quit working.  I spent about an hour on the phone with support.  They said everything is g...
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  • Prepaid - Mobile Internet Plans Canada

    Hello everybody,   i have an account with "$40 Simply Prepaid 10GB LTE - Unlimited Talk, Text, Data" and additionally activated the Mobile Internet Plans North America (Canada/Mexico) for $5. Unfortunately, d...
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  • DO you check bill?(you should TMobile illegaly charges/fraudulent activity)

    SO this haopened tmobile tried to illegally charge me.  I called them out on it and Carrie the agent was like oh well we refunded it so no big deal but only reason you refunded it is because i called you out on i...
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  • Prepaid balance expiration

    I am struggling to understand when (or whether) my prepaid balance will expire.  I had previously been told in a store that my refills last 12 months, but I saw two different dates on the last refill - neither ...
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  • Less than 0.5mbps data speed on 4G LTE

    Hi, this is my 1st time posting this forum.  I recently moved to a new place in California zip code 91731 where, in T-Mobile coverage map, I'm supposed to get "Good" coverage.  However, average download ...
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  • Question regarding FamilyMode plan

    My wife has an iphone 7 and is under Verizon, can she still download FamilyMode under her phone to monitor our son's phone?
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  • Llamadas WiFi

    My daughter is going on a European trip in August.  She will be flying into London, and flying out of Paris.  We have the T-Mobile One Military plan so she will get unlimited data and messages, but will she ...
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  • Official Apple Pre-order & Discussion Thread

    We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!  Pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 begin bright and early Friday, September 13 at...
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  • LG V30 Official Pie

    The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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  • Worried about order

    My mother decided to switch to T-Mobile 2 weeks ago, we made an order for the iPhone XR. It's been 2 weeks have still no confirmation email and there is no order number for us to check to be certain, it's ...
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  • Stock Firmware for Revvl 2 Plus

    I need the stock firmware for my Revvl 2 plus   Here are the particulars:   Hardware:mt6763 Board:a70axltmo CPU ABI:armeabi-v7a Manufacturer:tcl Model:revvl 2 plus Android Ver:8.1.0 bootloader ...
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  • Can't Text or Call

    I temporarily unlocked my phone because I'm currently overseas and wished to used a local sim. I have some business that requires that I receive texts on my US number however. When I'm using the local sim, everything ...
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  • EIP Account still shows active after account paid off ?

    I upgraded online to a LG V20 from an Alcatel 4s back in August and did it online. After not receiving the phone and getting nowhere I dealt with T-Mobile on Facebook and they sent me a replacement for the phone I did...
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  • NoPort SIM swap Protection

    VICE: T-Mobile Has a Secret Setting to Protect Your Account From Hackers That it Refuses to Talk About. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/ywa3dv/t-mobile-has-a-secret-setting-to-protect-your-account-from-hackers-tha...
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  • Cant add second line to prepaid account

    Hello,  2 days already i'm trying to add second line to my prepaid account.  There were a lot off calls with t-mobile support. Attempts with t-mobile store employees and my own attempts.  All atte...
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  • Caller ID Not Correct

    I have a $45 prepay 30-day plan. I am trying before I switch from AT&T. When I call the receiving party Caller ID window reads "Cell Phone IL" and my cell number but not my name as it did under my AT&T Number....
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  • How can i check on my phone's unlock status?  I placed the request already.

    How can i check on my phone's unlock status?  I placed the request already.
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  • pre-paid phone line

    I have a pre-paid line that I do not use, however I am still being billed $27.83 each month acct. I wish to cancel the pre-paid line only. I have an acct. with unlimited everything that I would like to keep.  H...
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  • auto refill or refill by credit card doesn't work

    I trying to refill my account by credit card but if i click the "use a credit card" button or "auto refill" button then they automatically go back to t mobile home. What can i do?
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  • Galaxy S10, you refuse to unlock

    I have a galaxy S10 that I bought from pre-order on the samsung website. At the time I was unable to click the unlocked option and chose t-mobile since we would use it on the network anyways. Now we are moving oversea...
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