• SIM card for tourists in California

    Have questions... I need prepaid SIM card for use period of 3 weeks that have minimum 2GB of data transfer (prefer more). What are my options and where to collect it in San Francisco? Have Huawei P10 Pro double SIM p...
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  • Sync-Up Drive Door Lock Status Feature Request

    Was wondering if I could request a feature be added to the app. It would be convenient if in the app I was able to see if the doors were locked/unlocked on the vehicle. Thank you in advance for taking the time to look...
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  • T-mobile location did not sell prepaid Tourist plan as asked

    My wife went to a T-mobile location in Bellevue, WA and requested a prepaid Tourist Plan (as described here: T-Mobile ). However, the lady there sold my wife an "internet data plan" without any minutes, along with a s...
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  • Signal booster reception

    I finally got the signal booster connected after spending much time with tech support. Yay! The signal booster only has one bar of strength but my phone has anywhere from 3-4 in the same place. The signal booster do...
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  • 2step authentication issues

    Hello All, I want to report an issue but unable too because of how T-Mobile has their verification processes set-up.  Yesterday my phone went blank, black screen, but it still works.  I can press buttons (I...
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  • My LG V30's fingerprint software stopped working after getting the back replaced

    So my mom dropped my phone (LG V30) and it shattered the back of it. No biggie, the phone still worked perfectly and I went into a local fix'd shop to get a new back for it. They replaced the back, and I didn't notice...
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  • Sim Card Types

    Is there any main reason for having different types of sim card version. For example in Puerto Rico the sim card version is 12.76 but when I went to some TMobile stores on the US is 60.50. Is there a difference I know...
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  • Adding second line for my account failure...

    Please tell me how many times I should call to T-Mobile customers care? For two months I try to add the second line for my account, but every time when I come to T-Mobile store or I call T-Mobile customer care, every ...
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  • Unlimited hd streaming on ONE prepaid plan

    I want to purchase a t-mobile ONE prepaid plan with unlimited data on it but I don't like being limited to 480p on youtube, Netflix, etc.  I heard you can purchase a hd-pass for 3$ a day? Also, what is th...
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  • bloqueo

    Why does the blocking imessage or blocking work on my child's device???  Susan
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  • T-mobile account login error

    I linked my new pay as you go number to my T-mobile account. Now when I login. I see below error. Called Technical support they say number is linked already but still online it shows like this.   Oh no!...
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  • Note 9 will not send MMS messages

    My Note 9 will receive picture messages but will not send. Any help?
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  • How do I obtain a cellphone for an area code I don't live in?

    How do I obtain a cellphone for an area code I don't live in how does it work in store customer care or online.
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  • My unlocked phone is locked to Tmobile Carrier

    Hey guys..hoping I can find an answer to what I need to do to officially resolve what I'm dealing with.  I bought an iPhone XS through Tmobile last year, shortly afterwards I dropped my device and shatte...
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  • Where to enter prepaid activation code?

    I purchased a 10Gb prepaid card from Best Buy, tried calling the number last night but didn't seem to work.  This morning, I went to the activation page, entered my SIM # and it said it was ready to be activated....
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  • Unlocked S9+ Visual Voicemail issue

    I have tried and tried to get the native dialer to show visual voicemails but it won't. I have a simply prepaid plan and noticed there's a simply visual voicemail option in the other services under the plans, but it w...
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  • Cost to add digits number

    What is the cost to to get a digits number
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  • cancelling lines

    Hello, me and my 2 friends have a 3 line prepaid account. We are leaving the country at the end of June, 2019. We will come back on January 2020. Do we have to cancel the plan or is there any option that we can suspen...
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  • Need my Oneplus 7 Pro Unlocked

    So, a few days ago I moved my account from "No Credit Check" account over to "Post-Paid" account. I payed my bill on time for 24 months and never had an issue with Tmobile. Friday I woke up to ...
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  • Billing Confusion

    When you fist start financing a phone when is the first bill?
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