• Unlocking Samsung S10+

    Been having issues with unlocking a T-Mobile branded S10+ I bought through Samsung back when they were first released. The device has been paid off for well over 40 days, my account is in good standing, and all requir...
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  • unlocked iphone 7  32 gb

    Hello, I want to ask, can I unlock my Iphone 7 32 GB? I immediately found out that it is locked under T-mobile USA. I have already read the requirements, but I can't understand whether I fit these requirements o...
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  • LTE Galaxy Watch W/ DIGITS Line Duplicate Messages

    This is a total mess. I bought a $400 watch and I am paying $15 a month for service but can't find anything that helps.  Whenever I leave my phone and my watch switches to LTE, EVERY message since I last disconne...
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  • Personal Hotspot with Amazon Fire Stick4K problems

    I am not able to stream  using Netflix or any of the other streaming apps via Amazon Firestick 4K connected to T Mobile Personal Hotspot. The YouTube App does not stream but Youtube streams if I just launch it vi...
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  • S8 active update is out

    The update is out for the s8 active and it looks like they copied apple's iOS
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  • Two prepaid numbers on account prevents account access

    I recently got a new prepaid sim while travelling in the USA. I had the exact same type of SIM a year or Two prior as well. i was able to successfully add my new number to my existing t-mobile account (I know this as ...
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  • T-Mobile denying connection to one specific roaming tower

    I frequently travel to a remote area of southern Utah that is served by only one tower near the top of Navajo Mountain.   This tower is shared by National Park Service (VHF), Verizon, and Commnet-USA. Acc...
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  • It shouldn't be this difficult

    Ordered the test drive hotspot.  Online.  With an account I created, including a 4-digit pin.  Worked fine.  Hotspot arrived today.  Can't use it 'til at LEAST Saturday (more likely Sunday w...
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  • LTE WiFi Gateway reliablility?

    hello all, we've had the Home Internet service for a week or so. and at least twice, the gateway device had to be power-cycled to bring back internet access. otherwise, it has performed just great, getting upwards ...
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  • How can I get T-Mobile to correctly apply the $10 Kickback discount each month without having to call?

    Each month I have to call into customer support to get the $10 kickback discount for using less than 2 GBs of data. Without fail, it's never applied to my bill and my dad's line has not ONCE used over 2 gigs of data. ...
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  • Wireless Camera MMS settings

    My Scoutguard 580M using a T-mobile SIM card recently stopped sending messages. I tried updating the information but have had no luck transmitting images. My old settings were [MMS Setting] URL=http://216.155.174....
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  • Wireless Camera MMS Settings

    My Scoutguard 580M using a T-mobile SIM card recently stopped sending messages. I tried updating the information but have had no luck transmitting images.  My old settings were [MMS Setting] URL=http://216.15...
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  • No longer able to use FTP on hotspot

    I am a photographer that has to send photos on location.  To do this I connect my MacBook Pro to my iPhone 6 via the hotspot.  Back in May it worked just fine but this weekend when I tried to send photos via...
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  • Caller ID for outgoing call is not working with T-Mobile One Plan.

    Caller ID on my family plan was working perfectly fine on Aug 21, 2019, week after the caller ID on family plan reset to Primary owner's name. I have called Tech support 3 times, every time with the promise to solve ...
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  • Galaxy spam protection

    I have a T-mobile prepaid plan. I use an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8. I get multiple robocalls per day and I want them to stop. T-mobile offers a scam blocker feature only to postpaid plans. Samsung has a built-in Sm...
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  • retrieve deleted voicemail

    Is there a way to retrieve a deleted voicemail?
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  • Android SPL 2019-08-05 Availability

    Does anyone have any idea when the 8/5 Service Patch Level will be available on T-Mobile?  I am currently blocked from my work email and calendar due to the vulnerability announced here and I can't find anythi...
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  • T-Mobile's Webpage

    I am a 20 year customer of T-mobile, but I am very frustrated and may not be a customer much longer.  Over the past year or two, I have found it increasingly difficult to access the TMobile website, regardless ...
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  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max on JOD

    How much is the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max going to cost monthly on Jump on Demand?
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  • I bought a new phone within the return policy and I want to return it to get the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. How do I go about this?

    Sorry if this is a basic dumb question but i've never returned or pre ordered a phone before. I bought a new iPhone on Sept 2nd which is still within the 14 day policy. I wanted to return the phone and get the new iPh...
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