Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread




    You've waited all year for the latest and greatest from Samsung.


    Drumroll, please!


    T-Mobile is launching the Samsung Galaxy Note8 on September 15! Want more details about the phone? We've got you covered: Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launch Center


    Perhaps you just ordered yours and want to stalk UPS -- find out when it'll arrive by following these steps.


    Have more questions? Need more information? Any concerns? Our Community Managers are standing by!


    **Want to know when your Note8 will arrive? Check this out: Shipping dates for new devices | T-Mobile **

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

        tmo_marissa tmo_amanda


        How meaningful is to purchase Note 8 at this point from T-Mo's Network perspective? T-Mobile is rolling out 600 MHz LTE which is B71 of LTE Frequency. I do not see that band as the supported band in the list of LTE Frequency Bands of Note 8 as posted in T-Mo page. So with 600 MHz Roll out, Note 8 will give me same sub-standard experience in the rural region (with AWS, B17/21 and B12). I dont see how relevant is that compared my S7 Edge (Note 8 supports one more frequency than S7 Edge which B66 or AWS D). Do you guys know anything that Samsung will activate the B71 support via some software upgrade?


        If not then possibly it is wise to wait until a device arrives with B71 support because with the $930 price tag, I possibly have to auction one of my kidney but without B71, its not worth possibly.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

            Hey debjitjdv I'd like to share a few thoughts on this.


            You're right about the Note8 not having B71. I know 600 MHz is a big deal, and I'm sure we'll roll out phones that'll support that frequency in the future. However, folks that do decide to get it can still take advantage of the frequencies we use on our network. I can't speak for the price (or kidney auctions ), but from what I've read, and what I've seen on the unbox video, it's got a ton of awesome features that make it more than just a phone. As for software updates, we don't have any info saying there's anything in the works that'll  give this phone B71. Sorry buddy.

              • debjitjdv

                Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                Hi tmo_mike_c tmo_marissa


                Thanks for your response, Selling my kidneys was a figure of speech. But with $930 price tag, it looks pretty serious, is not it?   I agree there are some advantages especially the advantages of a revamped S-Pen and there are always some dedicated Note fans (I started my smartphone journey with Note 1). It too some extent depends on the nature of the subscriber too. But with the difference of screen size reduced to 1/10 th of an inch between S8+ and Note 8, considering S8+ for purchase immediately saves atleast $100.


                If someone primarily stays in cities or metropolitan areas, then B4, B12 and AWS may be sufficient to have the coverage both outside and inside and at that point purchasing a device without B71 support may make sense. But if for work need someone needs to travel to rural areas ( I agree T-Mo LTE coverage has tripled in last 2 3 years even in my area but there are areas which has radio blackout for T-Mo especially rural areas. Recently I was in Shawnee National Forest near Carbondale, IL and I was in radio darkness in most part of my trip even if I was carrying S7 Edge whereas my friend carrying Verizon with S7 Edge had full signal even in the most inner part of the forest. There is no denial of this fact and staying connected is of the paramount importance. Is not it? ) which does not have T-MO coverage as of now, may be waiting for a device with B71 support is more wise and worth of money. What good a device is with fancy features but lacking a basic mobile connectivity during work? Definitely B71 will fill up those coverage holes as 600 MHz radio waves will travel further than the existing LTE bands.


                Just my 2 cents and my perspective whether purchasing Note 8 is worthy or not given that serious upgradation of T-Mo network is going to happen in the rest part of 2017 and 2018 across the nation. It completely depends on the buyer's individual perspective. But I wrote this just to insert my thought when committing a grand for a mobile device.

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            • zing

              Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

              I am interested as to whether Samsung is going to offer the $425 discount to previous Note 7 owners through T-Mobile's Jump program.  It would be disappointing if previous Note 7 owners don't get the discount because we were forced to give back the Note 7 and get another phone.

              • zing

                Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                w w

                • frederickdawg

                  Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                  Just ordered two from Samsungs website. T Mobile versions. Black and grey one.


                  I would have gone the EIP buy one get one route, but regrettably the last two promo's with T Mobile were pretty frustrating to say the least. First promo, was paying my ETF off. Took about 9 weeks or longer, luckily I had the funds to pay off ATT termination fees , else it would have gone into collections.


                  Second promo was the 2 free lines fiasco. Was paying $300-400 per month for a good few months until the billing got sorted out for the 2 free lines. I didnt want to rant, however thought Id mention it before someone says "you should have got the BOGO deal " ;-)

                  • flashfox

                    Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                    Just pre-ordered via JUMP at my local T-Mo store and all is set. However, I do have a question regarding the 360-camera offer.


                    Q1> What will I need to do to take advantage of Samsung/T-Moble's free 360-camera offer?

                    Q2> Will T-Mo E-mail me the paperwork or will I need to go to Samsung's site?


                    Just wanting to make sure I have all I need to get that camera. I already have a GEAR-VR (2017) and the Samsung DeX which I was using with the S8+.

                    • presumir29

                      Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                      I already have ups my choice set up had it for years. My card was charged 8/30 it shows on my credit card statement the charge stuck to my account 9/1 I had 3 reps In the last 24 hours guarantee and promise I'd have my phone by 9/8 ups still shows it as processing so I'm hoping that ups just hasn't updated if T-Mobile reps are telling me they see it's shipped on my account and they see the delivery date is 9/8 I guess I'll go with it

                      • rainbowdash88

                        Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                        UPDATE: T-Mobile has finally given mine to UPS today and it will arrive on Friday from the Kentucky warehouse.

                        • fuelscience

                          Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                          Ordered yesterday (Saturday, September 9) in local (Nashville) T-Mobile store and was told that the phone would ship this week. Got a text confirming charge to my credit card saying "We expect to ship your T-Mobile order XXX between 09/09/2017 and 09/11/2017. Now I got to the My T-Mobile page and see:



                          Estimated to ship 10/08/2017 - 10/23/2017

                          So can anyone tell me when my phone will actually ship?






                          • magenta2613566

                            Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                            Hi. I per-oredred the Note 8 August 26. Got e-mail confirming that they charged me the $282.58 on the 31ST and receipt E-mail on September 2ND. Its been 10 days since they sent me the receipt and I have not got any tracking info or shipment email. My-tmobile site is useless also, no info there either.


                            Cant check order status or anything. Order number is useless, does not work for anything. Need help to figure this out, seeing as how others have got their phones already or at least a tracking number.



                              • fuelscience

                                Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                                magenta, I was able to get information on my order by going to the T-Mobile Facebook site and messaging with support there. It took a couple of minutes for them to initially respond after I entered my message, but they were able track down my order and verify that it was indeed back ordered. Good luck!

                                • tmo_amanda

                                  Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                                  Hey, magenta2613566!


                                  Gosh, you should definitely have some sort of tracking at this point. I'm sorry this has been so frustrating but let's see what we can figure out. Are you a new T-Mobile customer? If so, try checking your order number here: Order Status Lookup Page. You mentioned that you've tried looking at My T-Mobile - when you go to view your order, what's the status? You'll want to follow these steps:


                                  From your device with the T-Mobile app

                                  1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
                                  2. From the home screen, tap Check Status. If the order has shipped, you can select tracking details to get the latest update on the location of the package.


                                  From a computer

                                  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
                                  2. Select PHONE.
                                  3. Scroll to and select Check order status.
                                  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to check the order status or select Track Items to view shipping details.





                                  fuelscience, I'm so happy to hear that T-Force was able to track down your order and pass on the info that it is currently backordered. At least you're in the loop of what's going on.

                                    • magenta2613566

                                      Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                                      Hi Amanda, Thanks for your reply. I have already tried those suggestions with no luck. I input the order number listed in the E-mail and get an error saying; "order numbers must only contain numbers", so I remove the letter in the order number then get;


                                      "Looks like we're having trouble finding your order. If it's an Upgrade, log into to check your order status"



                                      And of course My-Tmobile also has no info. Doesn't even mention The Note 8 was ordered or anything. But was for sure charged $282.58, signed paper work, got contract, text confirming contract and amount paid...

                                      Worried they forgot about me ;( - why pre-order if we still have to wait so long with no info after being charged???

                                      I also tried T-mobile Facebook as suggested by fuelscience, nothing yet from them either. Gahh pulling my hair out, I Want my NOTE

                                  • skipuppy

                                    Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                                    I ordered the two Note 8s when I added a line to my plan which is an old plan. I was told I qualified for the BOGO offer for the Note 8s . Currently running the note 3 so thought it was a great time to upgrade. After submitting my claim for the BOGO checked status today and noticed it was denied said I was not on a qualifying plan . I specifically said I did not want to change plans when I ordered my phones and was told that was not a problem. I am kinda fuming now been with T-mobile for quite some time and usually do not have issues just wondering if anyone else ran into this and whether I am going to have to just return these devices or does it get resolved in the end. I do have a call into t mobile and they are escalating it but just wanted to see if anyone else had been through this.


                                    • magenta1792774

                                      Re: Official Samsung Galaxy Note8 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

                                      Hi, got my note and activated it but how do i get the camera 360? I contacted support and they said i need to do via Samsung app and download the shop to get it for free and you will email me instructions but no email. Can someone explain how do we get the camera 360 we were promised if its not from Tmobile?