Moto Z2 Force Mods versus Ludicrous Tesla P100D


The New Moto Z2 Force is at T-Mobile. T-Mobile's gadget guy, @AskDes unboxes it via Ludicrous mode and mods the #$%t out of it!


T-Mobile welcomes the new Motorola Z2 Force Edition smartphone to America's Best Unlimited Network! It's been a little while since T-Mobile has had a Moto device and the Z2 Force brings it back in a big way! We took the Z2 Force to Pacific Raceways in Auburn Washington and unboxed it and then raced against a Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous+ Mode - arguably one of the fastest 0-60 mph production cars in the word! So which is faster - the Car or the Moto Mods?


Now you know every smartphone has limits, unless it's one that keeps getting better. Da la bienvenida al Moto Z2 Force Edition, nuestro teléfono más avanzado hasta la fecha. Comienza con un diseño de metal más que elegante. Agrega una pantalla que no se resquebraja ni se rompe, te lo garantizamos. Integra dos cámaras que funcionan a la par para capturar asombrosas fotos de aspecto profesional. Luego, añade un procesador increíblemente poderoso con las mayores velocidades de datos posibles, para no perderte nada. ¿Suena bien, verdad? Bueno, en realidad, es aún mejor. Moto Z2 Force Edition lets you go beyond your phone with Moto Mods. So you can add things like powerful stereo speakers, a 360 camera, a projector, and 100% more battery life-in a snap.


Pre-order the Moto Z2 Force Edition today and get another one FREE. Plus you'll get a free Insta-Share Projector Mod! Details here:


Thanks to Pacific Raceways for having us, and Vossler Media for Production Support


"Beastmode" by ZNi Ft. Vanguards Music is available on iTunes and Google Play.


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